14 October, 2013

Review: BLOOP Candy Duo Lipstick 04 - Light Mocha

Continuing the smacking hot lips journey with BLOOP, let's welcome the new member of my lip-care collection from BLOOP. If you do not know yet, I already own a BLOOP Moisturizing Lip Gloss and BLOOP Candy Lipstick. P/S: The colours are really hot! Do check out my previous reviews :)

My old BLOOP lipstick and lipgloss are too separate products, meaning that I need to bring 2 items along in my cosmetic bag. But now I can save the hassle! BLOOP Candy Duo Lipstick is a two-in-one lipstick and lipgloss with 8 amazing shades retailing at RM38.00 each. It feels like I can get two items at one price! Super worth it! ♥ 

It gives a glamorous lasting finish in just two easy steps, as indicated clearly on the lipstick itself. 
All you need is to pull out  No.1 and apply the color evenly, then twist up No.2 and glide on the shine. 

The shade I got, #04 Light Mocha is actually an intense deep red color that suits formal occasions as well as night / party wear. The rich matter texture enhances the smoothness of the lips. Usually Asians have dark hair and fair complexion, so strong color like this one is more suitable to create a sharper complexion.
Actually I find the matte lipstick here pretty similar to my old BLOOP Candy Lipstick. Both are similarly hydrating, moisturizing and have various choices in terms of hues and shades. So what's the difference between them? 

The shiny lipgloss! 

Some people prefer matte lipstick for a bolder complexion, but as for myself, I love to apply a glossy finish so that my lips look more plump and hydrated. That's where the shiny lipgloss comes in handy. 

The gloss delivers a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of color of the matte lipstick. Another thing I love bout this lipgloss is the shiny finish without being weighed down with tons of gloss. It feels lightweight on the lips and remain glossy even after drinking.

For highly saturated, opaque lipsticks like BLOOP's, 
don't forget to apply lip primer / foundation, and lip pencil 
before using the lipstick to keep the color in place ya!

Looks so different eh? The candy duo lipstick in light mocha is definitely a true color 
that can flatter the face and brighten the teeth!

For more information about Bloop Candy Lipstick, kindly visit here.

1. A cool red with a brownish undertone that feels well-rounded and basic. Its compact packaging fits perfectly in everyone’s makeup bag.
2. The color is vibrant, intense and able to last for long hours with a glossy finish.
3. The moisturizing formula feels great and the price is right—making it one of the better picks at the drugstore.
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  1. wow. really nice. 2in1 and really love its packaging :)

  2. really love the color! i yet to try mine, suddenly got sick. hehe. mine is a different lipstick, its transparent.


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