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26 March, 2018

[BEAUTY] Top 6 Favourites in THE FACE SHOP Berjaya Times Square KL Outlet: Relocated with New Facelift!

It's time for shopping (again)!  It has been a while since I last shopped at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur until recently I realised my favourite Korean beauty shop, THE FACE SHOP has been relocated to a new location in the mall.

Check out THE FACE SHOP on the first floor of Berjaya Times Square, next to Kwong Woh Tong!

For those who are wondering if THE FACE SHOP has closed down in Berjaya Times Square, the answer is NO! The outlet has been relocated to the first floor, just few doors away from the link bridge to Low Yat Plaza etc. 

If you are taking monorail here, THE FACE SHOP new outlet is located on the same floor as the monorail station exit. No worries, the brightly-lit outlet is easily noticeable from afar. 

Similar to its flagship store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the decor is elegant with touches of white and gold. You can also see a beautiful crystal chandelier taking the centre stage of the outlet. 

The main highlight of this new concept store in Berjaya Times Square is the "Cushion Studio"
where you can play around with the latest products and try out different looks at your own comfort.

This cosy corner has everything you need -- from cushion foundation
and base concealer to the wide variety of eye and lip makeup items.

Whereas the rest of the outlet is filled with all categories of skincare and makeup products, beautifully segregated and displayed on the classy gold and white racks.

Here are the top 6 products I currently love from THE FACE SHOP:
#1 Anti-darkening Cushion
(Read my review: HERE)

It is a matte type cushion foundation which I use everyday now as it conceals most skin imperfections really well, without feeling sticky / oily / too watery on the skin. I'd say it is a good improvement from its predecessors.

#2 Matte Up / Volume Up Lip Tint
(Read my review: HERE)

Super moisturising, easy to blend and non-sticky. The best thing I love about it
is the excellent color payoff -- So vivid and fits well onto the lips!

#3 Mono Cube Eyeshadow
(Read my review: HERE)

After trying it out last month, I am still pretty obsessed over all the 80+ shades available in store! It comes in 5 types: Matte, shimmer, glitter, jelly and dual color. Interestingly, THE FACE SHOP also introduces several new brushes specifically for the application of these eyeshadows. How amazing!

 #4 THE THERAPY First Serum
(Read my review: HERE)

I have been using this since October 2016 and am still loving it now! Best item ever with 7 wonders in one bottle:
#1. As the first step of skincare
#2. As the 7 skin layering technique
#3. As an exfoliator
#4. As a mask
#5. As a mist spray
#6. As an aromatherapy treatment
#7. As a stress reliever

 #5 YEHWADAM (蘂花譚) Revitalizing Anti-Aging Skincare
(Read my review: HERE - Must read!!)

Same goes to the Yehwadam series which is also everyone's favourite skincare
as I have been getting endless questions about this range since a year ago. 

 #6 Dr. Belmeur Clarifying / Daily Repair Skincare
(Read my review: HERE)

Dr. Belmeur specialised skincare is another popular range that is well-loved by the crowd.
I personally love using the Daily Repair series that can improve my dry and sensitive skin.

Other than my top 6 favourites, there are also plenty of popular products in store such as
the wide range of facial sheet mask that can go at really affordable prices.

For an overall beauty experience, THE FACE SHOP also has a good range of accessories,
bath and body products as well as perfumes etc.

In the month of March 2018, it is having a "Buy 3 or more: 25% OFF" promotion.
If you are looking for good deals, don't forget to keep stalking THE FACE SHOP
social media platforms for the latest updates and information!

All the above products are currently available at THE FACE SHOP stores nationwide and online store.
Feel free to drop by at THE FACE SHOP Berjaya Times Square outlet and check out the products!

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP, please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store:


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