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20 May, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: MAMONDE Red Energy Recovery Serum

Want your skin to have a "new life" once again? Here's something you may be interested in...

It is the latest Red Energy Recovery Serum from Mamonde, the famous floral-based Korean beauty brand. This round, Mamonde has introduced us something awesome for the skin through the blossoming energy of pomegranate plant.

Day in day out, exposing our skin to harsh environments and external pollutants is unavoidable. That's why at the end of each day, we may feel that our skin looks tired and dull. Slowly, the skin will lose its vitality and becomes more sensitive over time.

Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum
(30ml @ RM130) / (50ml @ RM190)

So Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum is here to rescue our worn-out skin! Its unique formula contains Blossoming Energy™, a special trademarked active ingredient that helps to boost skin’s energy and return it to its healthiest condition. It was discovered throughout Mamonde's 28-year study of flowers as an important component that helps flowers to bloom and survive longer than its usual lifespan. 

Another key ingredient in the serum derives from the pomegranate blossom and fruit. Do you know that pomegranate blossom is also one of the few flowers that do not wither but transform into a
fruit after its blossoming period?

Compared to other flowers and fruits, the pomegranate flower and fruit are far richer in polyphenol, phytoestrogen, vitamin B and C. Delivering high anti-oxidant benefits, they can protect the skin from harsh UV rays and help recover and revitalize worn-out skin.

How does The Red Energy Recovery Serum work in just 3 ways?

1) Strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and self-defence system 
2) Boost the skin’s energy production and improve skin’s texture
3) Deep moisturisation and hydration for healthy, dewy look 

Of course, the Red Energy Recovery Serum's mild formula makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

How To Use:
Apply evenly over skin after cleansing and toning.

To my delight, the serum is lightweight and easy to absorb without leaving any sticky residue. Plus, a little of this serum goes a long way -- all you need is just 1-2 pumps for the entire face and neck. 


Lovin' Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum for bringing life and energy back to my skin! While it helps recover exhausted skin, it is also important to pair it with sufficient sleep and balanced diet everyday -- then you can welcome the revitalised skin in no time!

Retailing at RM130 (30ml) / RM190 (50ml), the Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum is available at Mamonde Beauty Counters at various Aeon, and online  platforms via and

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