16 October, 2009

MelC's Big Day :D

Happy Sweet 17,
Melissa Cheng Chee Kuan ♥ !

When we were in Genting Highlands :D

It had been a real long five years since we become classmates and gossip partners :P From being in 1 Gigih until now we’re both in 5 Gigih, we never missed a year of being in a separate class studying in a separate environment.

As everyone knows, Kuan is a happy-go-lucky and takes thing easy type of person. She never fails to smile no matter how terrible things are around her. And of course during the hard times, she never complains much and accepts every hardship in life. This is the best quality ever that I’ve always envied and wish to be like her =)

The sweetie pie gang :D

During the first year in secondary, we sat quite close to each other and started chatting quite frequently until every teacher complained that our place here is very noisy that he even wanted to separate our seats.

Soon, we entered the second year of high school when we started to mix with Chinese school people [Yep, we’re bananas :D]. I always love the second year of school because it brought much happiness and joy of the entire secondary school life. I honestly missed the moments :)

The most recent pictures we had together during the seminar :D

The third, forth and fifth years we’ve gone through together made indeed memorable moments as we grew older bigger and more mature. I shall never forget the moments of singing karaoke, watching movie, having lunch, celebrating birthdays, shopping, gossiping and loads more!

Happy 17 and thanks for the memories,
The classmate, best friend and tuitionmate!

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