Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As this year comes to an end
I look back to how it began
It started out cold and slow
Then the year started to grow
With days so hot I thought I'd die
With history making news, and news to make me cry
A new life like none other before
The hurts that would just soar, and soar
I say good- bye to this year we have had…
And hope for a year that is truly rad!

My book of 2008 : Includes the reminiscence of every moment spent together with dearest family, friends and him-s.

*What comes around goes around.

Since the year has come to an end, we shall not waste time drooling over the things of 2008. Letting go is always the best choice in order to lead a better life in 2009.

I guess next year, which would drastically be our LAST year in high school, would be more dramatic than anyone can ever imagine. I mean, we have so many things to deal with next year. and there are still people with their sick individual opinions that collide with one another. Nothing diminished. Self obssesed, they want everything to go their way, and never bother to fake a single thing on Earth. BUT we will always stay strong together :) How childish, high school play.

CHEERS guys. Heres to, a new brighter year full of hope, joy, and laughters to embrace.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

:D I just back from Nippon Yataimura 日本屋合村, for lunch + tea. I chose this restaurant because I simply love Japanese food xD.

The atmosphere :)

Large sashimi : RM116 ; Alright this is just the menu, I can't afford things like this =X

My favourite sushi-s =D

Miso Soup :) One of the world's Top 10 Most Healthy Food [do you know that?]

The delicious food --- I couldn't eat dinner liao xD

This is the souvenir from Perak--- it is a FISH food in case that the words cannot be seen clearly here. And the paper fish at the side is soon to be a gift to me xD, hopefully.


Today, the day where all PMR candidates were awaiting, had finally arrived :D Congrats to the 11 persons who get straight A's, and for those who can't, I knew it was terribly disappointing. BUT do try harder in two years time for SPM :) As SPM is always far more important than PMR...

So this year the 11 persons getting straight A's are:
Zhan Sheng, Chiee Leong, Jonathan, Choon Ping, Jo Ann, Hong Shi, Ee Von, Fitri, Keshmeet, Kha Nin Tha, Ken Min [IF you're interested to know].
Great, the overall result is much better than last year = = *paiseh*

*The crowd--- most of them came in school Tee-s and casual wear--- unlike us last year wearing school uniform

The smile from the parents was the best part when their son got straight A's :)

I remembered exactly what happened last year. I went there alone and stunned by the crowd when I reached. I received DaddyLoke's message before I got my result, how nice of him :) Today I met her, I missed her so much after a year hadn't been seeing her. But I couldn't smile to her that time while seeing her sister's eyes being filled with tears. The disappointment enveloping her heart was too much, hope she would be alright soon :) Awww I feel that time flew in just a blink of eye that today I was there to become the photographer--- when I didn't feel that I was actually needed there. And next year we would be the SPM candidates, with fear and anxiety. Keep waiting then :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 is going to end soon. Let’s see what had I done in all these 366 days [Don’t forget it is actually a leap year].

10 New People I Have Met

1. Mr. Fong Yoke Siong [my tutor who has the same birthday with me =D]
2. His Mum :) so sweet
3. Louis [someone friendly :D]
4. Jobin [funny guy xD]
5. Mei Keit, Alicia, Nicole [the Form6s]
6. JustinK [I miss him a lot xD]
7. Steven [the uber bad boii xD]
8. CWHow [New papa xD]
9. KenYap [cutecutecute neighbour]
10. Tung =.=

10 New Places I Have Been To
1. His house :)
2. Sushi Groove LOL
3. Awana Kijal, Terengganu =D
4. Malacca~
5. Zoo Negara :)
6. Wasa Queen Cruise
7. The place I don't belong to :(
8. Famine Camp
9. UKM Convo Hall :D
10. Jogoya *yummy*

10 New Things I Have Learnt [this is the boring part =X]
1. To live and laugh
2. To love and to let go
3. To kiss and tell
4. To understand that you’re b.a.d
5. To shop, shop and SHOP
6. To trust only myself
7. To make decisions [I hate deciding =X]
8. To be happy and forget each and every sadness
9. To lie to Mum =X [it’s not a good thing right?]
10. To be more patient with the boyfriend [This is what SooN had been complaining all the while =X]

10 New Gifts God Showered Me
1. The bunny :D From besties
2. The treasure I found after years of hunting--- someone born on the same day as mine
3. MORE pocket money this year xD
4. More freedom :)
5. The change of me to a better gf =X
6. New born cousin niece :)
7. The day we became good friends again
8. New people who loved myself more than I do
9. MORE besties =D
10. A teacher whom I can talk anything to :)

10 New Things I Have Done
1. Made DIY cards for Librarian Annual Dinner
2. Made wrong decisions T_T
3. Went to many places in a day (on 13 Nov) xD, from day till night
4. Broke up with an asshole boyfriend :D
5. Lost my Olympus battery T_T [Hope it will not repeat]
6. Blogged EVERYDAY eventhough I have nothing to write about =X
7. Dissected a toad xD!!
8. Made a periscope =/
9. Cut a 水母头 xD
10. Made list like these! :D

10 Incomplete Missions [Will be fulfilled in 2009, hopefully]
1. To countdown for Christmas :(
2. Not to cry in the whole year =X
3. Not to continue falling in love with assholes
4. To understand the whole Biology Form4 syllabus =/
5. To donate ALL my childhood plushies away T_T
6. To go for an overnight vacation with friends
7. To forget the undesirable past completely
8. To say NO to things against my wish =.="
9. To get colored contact lens
10. To buy "The Gift", by Cecelia Ahern :(

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, darlinggg Celine :)

You look so sweet :)


The Sister's friends~

Val’s gang xD

Kang is SO shy xD

KFC - 3 of us again xD

Vivi is overjoyed =]

DarlingCeline and the cute bro :)

:D Finally got the chance to take a shot with the birthday girl~

Aww... so busy playing cards xD

The hairy hare :)

Playing with reflection of mirror :)

:D The prezzy~ from everyone

Kang and Vivi were wearing the SAME color =X

Expressionlesssss =X

Blasting the music :)

Uncle was making garlic toast for us :D

With kawaii Ling...

The cake reminds me of something = =


Happybirthdaytoyou :)

Blew them off at once :)

:) Awaiting
JinKuan seemed so expert in cutting the cake

BestieVivi ; DarlingSweeyeng ; Fishyyy :D
BestieKeiyan missed this part :(

Awww... Kang, why look so sad?

The high schoolmate :D
Kang ; Enoch ; Jiinsheng ; Jinkuan
Leeling ; Szehui ; Vivian ; Sweeyeng ; Jiayi

The boyfriends :)

To get ALL the original pictures,
~*^Click HERE^*~ :D

P/S: Mr. J, thanks for the souvenir and Xmas gift!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yesterday was a real boring day, when I had been complaining to SooN for the whole day that I WAS BORED. I was so into the computer, from morning till noon. It's our daily routine T_T. No books, just computer---yes 无敌珊宝妹 marathon of course xD. Ah I have got enough of it when I received a text from him asking me for a drink. Oh God, it was only 4pm something, when the Sun was glaring sharply at me. Deciding to change the drink into a dinner, I called them out for night market too :) Alright, it was a kinda-late-minute-plan, hence it didn't really work out well =/

My plan:
Having dinner with him somewhere
Proceed to night market with besties :D

His plan:
Having dinner with me at night market,
Meet up my friends
Have a drink somewhere nearby late at night

But it turned up to be:
Having dinner with him,
LATE for night market,
Having him walking with us =.=

We thought of going to the new 2046, but...finally ended up here =.=

We do have Kopitiam in Seri Petaling, I just don't get a point why we had to be here =X

Starry cucumbers ; Mushr00ms :)

And this: Yes, ALSO starry cucumbers and mushr00ms.
But this is a fish fillet, which I refused to eat coz' it's my relatives xD [as SooN always mention]

Let's get a blurred look of it first [purposely edited xD],
I promise, I will post the exact picture here some day :)

LOL while eating, the messages and calls were coming in non-stop. Okayyy I knew I was late =X. From 7.54pm SooN had been rushing me till 8.45pm, and I finally reached :D Sorry larrr pals :) I thought of introducing him to Viv and SooN, but they were too smart to guess who was him by themselves =.=" And I think you both got along with him SO well right? =X. At that very moment, I didn't feel that I was needed there anymore...

P/S: Don't keep me in curiosity please :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It is Christmas today.
To be precise, it is the day of Jesus's birthday and a working day for Mr. Santa Claus =D. Thanks everyone for spamming my cell's inbox with Christmas wishes. Thanks to SooN, hope your wish to me is granted--- having a bigger pond and swimming freely all the time. And getting alot of fishyyy presents too xD. Alright, actually I don't really celebrate this day [and I don't get a chance to]...

Living in this country, the Xmas celebration is just so-so, unlike others :(
We have no white Christmas like this T_T.

Also, my house is not decorated like this too :(

In fact, Mum just started to re-paint the house, and decorate into a very CNY atmosphere~ It is too soon right? And thanks to KeiiYan's idea, I have done a 'kerja amal' for Moral project next year--- that is painting the whole house--- from living room, to toilet. Blablabla, cut the crap.

So I have missed the BBQ party and drinking session in his house. And I have missed countdown-ing with besties in MSN last night :( It might sounds lame to some people, but I do think it is cool :D and no matter how, ihaveMISSEDthemALL

Fishyyy oh fishyyy this shall be a very short post, so that's it ^^ Everyone, do enjoy the final week of 2008~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Date: 24 December 2008, Christmas Eve
Subject: Listen to my prayer :)
Message: God, can you hear me all this while? I have been looking forward to a night spent with besties to countdown--- whether it is a Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, Birthday Eve or whatsoever occasion. You gave me hope when Mum nodded after I told her the “well-organized” plan, and everything just crushed in a blink of eye right at the moment I was choosing tonight’s attire.

Supposing I shall have lists of excuses defending myself, but I end up keeping quiet for the entire day because I don’t see any difference no matter how she wants me to change the plan. She might not be satisfied until I decide not to wander outside but to rot at home on the entire day. As for the 25th, it is white Christmas BUT I will probably be staying at home, helping out to paint the house because New Year is around the corner.

I too have been expecting his text since yesterday. So he finally replied me just now, but it is just too late to plan a whole day of excitement with him. As usual, he loves asking me out at the very last minute, and hence I reject the invitations most of the time no matter how heavy hearted I am. I know that he will be around somewhere nearby tonight, but too bad I just can’t join you guys…

God, I would pray to You NOT to give me hopes without granting my wishes :) I would appreciate it so much if you could listen to my prayer. Thanks

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So this is the result... Most of you prefer everyone being able to view this site, so I didn't manage to make it into a private site =X. And there's a new poll of your right side, in case that you don't notice it :D Please, do vote for it too in order to help me improving my bloggie xD


Spending a day at home today--- I don't feel like going out today after so many days of having meals and inhaling very polluted air outside. I crave for home-cooked food now xD. Yes, I know tonight there will be a night market around this area. And an ex-schoolmate asked me out again. I have the time to spare with you actually, but I just don't feel like doing so =X. You should be clear enough of what you have done every second in the past :) Even now you have never changed.

Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve. As planned, we will be going for blablabla and bla. In short, there will be lots of activities I think :D But also I might not have the time spending with him :( No matter how much I'd feel bad bout it, I still couldn't make it, sorry :(

I remembered exactly what happened last year, it was embarassing I shall say =X. And the feelings come again, I don't know how can this happen actually. *Sigh*, let's forget it and let it sleep forever :) Hopefully this year would be a better one :D

My beloved teddy has a new hat :D

Ho-ho-ho~ Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

12 22 2008,a day spent with besties =D so disappointed that Miss Viv couldn’t come along with us =( People present were: Choyyewchoon, Fongszehui, Kumkeiyan and Limfungsoon =D.

I planned to walk with SooN to LRT station or to get a ride from him a night before, but something happened and I ended up taking bus there. Being the earliest one to reach there, I took some “beautiful” scenes of the polluted river at Bukit Jalil xD.

Alright, I know there’s nothing special in this picture =.=” it’s just a random one :)

LOL I promised SooN not to talk bad bout him here xD, so I should say “I am glad that SooN finally came 15minutes later to rescue me from being bored to death” instead of “SooN made me went in and waited like a stupid ass” =X.

We sat together and met Ying =D. I miss her so much , glad to see her again after her SPM. Being misunderstood as couple AGAIN, SooN and I didn’t sit close together. Our past is the PAST, so 拜托 everyone of you not to mention it so often liao =X.

We reached Neway just on time, and hence we got a large room of No.60 although there’s only 4 of us =D

The blurred menu xD, just like how I was at that time =.=

SooN was busy eating while avoiding to be on camera xD, when we were busy choosing songs

Spell promised not to sing 张惠妹's songs, and he kept his promise =D

Is this Show Luo? I am not sure =/

My beautifully-decorated-but-tasteless chicken chop had arrived =D


First time singing with us ; don’t be shy please xD

Spending time camwhoring again xD

=X Feel like strangers taking picture together =.=”

Of course I would not forget my Spell darling too xD

Us =D trying hard to take a perfect one like this

Me : Blurring that time xD

Under Spell’s request, we went to Food&Tea for lunch xD.
We talked, talked and talked about everything including the Turtle Boy and SushiGroove Boy [I have had to mention them here due to SooN’s request because it is a creation from Spellman and FungSoon =.=].

Since I strongly disagreed with them =X, hence I want to have some personal confession here:

1. There’s no such thing happened as 骗喝骗吃 xD Because the meal thingy happened only ONCE on my big day =.=”
2. I have no relationships with them except FRIENDS. Yes, plain friends.
I don’t need them getting me anything special or doing anything for me. If I have mentioned that I want anything from you, it is just a plain joke, don’t ever bother to get them for me :)
4. I want to make sure that we are only friends. Now… and forever.
5. It is true that I always get you both to be my listeners. If doing so is not an appropriate way of being plain friends, then I shall apologize and will not look for you whenever I am in a hot boiling water.
6. This confession is for SooN, Spell, and the person concerned. Hope you are notified :)


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