Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update of 9月29日 ^^

Back from Genting (:
The weather is hot there =.=
Still on holiday mood, although exam is near…

Mum’s request--- Went to Chin Swee’s Temple…

Monkey xD

It's more than just a temple =.="

Ferris Wheel~

Me + Sis [in hotel]

Climbed up the pagoda with Sis and Mum, Finally reached the top of it--- the 9th floor

Outside Arena of Stars~

So crowded--- thousands audience from worldwide countries

*Met Ah Kian there, he is working for 2 nights for this concert…

A must when watching concert ^^

- RM 10-

can be used for hand-clapping (save energy xD)

Hilarious Sammi (:

Her red heels are at least 6 inches @_@
Flying coaster--- took a ride with Sis
Shopping craze~

*Bought 4 Tee-s [fully sponsored by Sis xD]

RM59.90, 50% discount, Padini Authentics

I made this, from booths in First World Hotel

*RM2.90 per letter

*RM2.90 for the steel behind

*FOC for the string

SiS has one too (:

Friday, September 26, 2008

9月 26 日 , 雨

I just got home from Vivi’s house…
Finally finished this Physics project, since we seem to be one of the slowest group LOL

*Our periscope, our artwork

LOL we are not really creative after all… =X

By the way...

Happy Retiring to her =D

WE don't hope to miss you anyway xD

So I went to school today just to snap all her beautiful photos,

and around 9am I sneaked out with KY to Carrefour to meet up SK, SW and YW,

coz' we were going to the BJ Golf Resort =D

We reached there by paying the taxi driver RM7 =.=" exp...

And finally confirmed almost everything with the Malay-looked Mr. Wong LOL

Hope to have fun with all the librarians there at the scheduled date ^^


I went for tuition classes with him,

Yes, Brandon Foo. Again.

because I can't go on this weekend.

Leongleong teased me again T_T

always bully me de him...aiksss

When I got home,

I waited for more than half an hour just for a bus,

the time was showing 6pm already.

So I got home by cab =.=" LOL

The day before...

I broke this T_T

I don't know why..


It consists of the memories of the past T_T

But I pasted it together again,

it is still one of the decorations on my study desk ^^


Going off tomorrow ^^

Bye.. everyone LOL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This would be a very short post,
Because I am actually forbidden to online these days.
Mum is behind me,
Babbling all day long
And the home has not been peaceful
Ever since the day she said that my exam is around the corner.

I don’t enjoy my stay at home anymore…
I am sorry,
Chin Thong’s party was great
And I have some funny pictures, which I would like to share with all of you
But time is not allowing me to do so.

There is a week holiday next week.
And I am away for concert and vacation.

Yea, Sammi Cheng’s concert.

Mum loves her, so does Sis.
Despite of hating to stay at home with Dad,
I will be following them to Genting for this concert too^^

*Away from home soon…
Sorry, I couldn’t get to see you anymoreeeeee

Friday, September 19, 2008

9月19日, 晴

The sound of quarrelling happened again, suddenly. They were not exactly at loggerheads actually as she was just chewing out him in front of us, while he acted as if nothing big happened.

She abhors him, sometimes---for treating her as if she is her boss’ home, doing the same old thing repeatedly. Each and every one of us has the responsibility, whether you are boring or not, you can escape yourself to nowhere. And the worst part is that he just changes himself into some kind of evil creature. It is so irritating that I refuse to even have a glance at him. You are incorrigible.

He loves blurting out rude words incidentally,
Or asking questions repeatedly.
Did he do these on purpose? Or to form a more affectionate bond?
Plain lame.

“Are you dumb?”
“Can you be smarter next time? At least use your brain if you have any”
“I won’t take a shit from that”

Could you imagine someone scolding you dumb right in front of you?
How’d we wish to reply him, “Get out of my way if you don’t need me here”

Hope you understand that we don’t need to get a damn from you too.

You texted me, when I am emo-ing.
You double-talked again.
You prattle and twaddle,
as if I don’t know what you want?
Your stratagem is always the same--- to make me curious and inquisitive, but finally you keep the so-called secret behind me.
Honestly, I don’t want to know a single thing about you or him.
I am plainly aloof and uninterested.
You have made me run up against this before,
So don’t make me disdain you. Please.


Happy Birthdaeeee,
Ms. Sim~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

9月 17日 , 星期三,阴

I was late for school today T_T
Yahhhh it happened dunnohowmanytimes already this few weeks.
Usually I reach school right at the time when people are already in their lines, and teacher scolding them to shut up blablabla [as usual].
But today…
I reached quite late, later than other ordinary days.
It was Wednesday, so we have to wear our uniformed unit attire. But I saw Vivi wearing librarian school uniform and heading the library. LOL so I followed, =X to escape myself from being caught for being late for school.
On the way to the library, Mr. S approached me.

Mr. S: Where are you going?
Me: Library. {I answered shortly}
Mr. S: Oh whyyy? It is assembly time now.
Me: Err… erm…. I need to do some work there.. {Trying to hide the truth}
Mr. S: No, you can’t go there now. Go to the assembly straightaway.
Me: Harrr? Really ke…
Mr. S: What??? What a funny question you asked… What’s the time now? You must go there NOW.
Me: Okayyyyyyy {fine. HmpH =X}

Suddenly Loudao happened to be there =D I thought he would ‘save’ me xD…

Mr. Loke: Yaya,,,go now lar…
Me: Really have to go meh? They are singing National Anthem already larrr…
Mr. Loke: Nevermind go after they sing…
Me: What if they catch me? {they=prefects}
Mr. Loke: Won’t want larr…
Me: You going with me?
Mr. Loke: Yaya…let’s go…

When I reached the 3H line, he stopped at the computer lab and waved bye to me
T_T how sadddd…

Then I saw Boon Pin again =.=”
As everyone knows, he loves talking crap LOL
He said, “Wah, top 1 so pro o.. late again… Got more than 10 times or not arh?”
Kar Herng added, “More than 20 times already larrr”.

LOL bad prefects =X =X

After school, I went for tuition classes as usual. Physics’ topic today: Fish In The Pond…LOL it’s about those ‘yellow’ thing lar… And he kept texting me, teasing me about it. =.=”

After class, I met her *Mr. A !!! He was alone, but he didn’t wear his nametag, so I was not sure if it was him. LOL I saw him walking across the road towards the commuter station, *sigh*. And she seemed had no hopes towards him anymoreee…. How pitiful… While we both were looking at him, Bran saw our strange act and asked if we were crazy LOL =.=”

4 of us went to LRT station together. And he said that he was afraid of me, scared that I would whack him =.=” LOL I won’t larrrr…I still don’t get why you are so scared…*sigh*

9月 18日 , 星期四,阴

I reached school earlier than yesterday =D…
LOL yeaaa after the bell rang, but before everyone lines up…
But still,
Boon Pin asked me, “Eyh today you late until didn’t go for assembly arhh?”
LOL so sad to hear that… I told him that I was early today, but nobody believes me…
Aiks… I heard from him that in his school, latecomers will be punished to run around the field for few times or get caned. Awww…. If I am in his school, I really dare not to be late for school lerhhh…

During Biology class today, they embarrassed him again… Aiksss, he is so cham lerh…
Ms. Sim is right actually,

“Don’t ask what he does to you,
ask yourself what did you do to him”

“Yea, nothing. All of you do nothing and you’re complaining”

“Don’t make me ignore you one day until I don’t even bother to scold you anymore”

LOL… Suddenly I felt so sad for Mr. A
I knew the way I wrote this here would make some people angry LOL,
Since so many people hate Mr. A so much =X
But have you ever thought of what Ms. Sim said?
Rethink it yourself ba…. }}}

It is the day I duty again today, so boring…
Left two of us niaaa, since others have changed day to duty when Form3 librarians need not to duty until PMR ends. I went down to eat with Spell, leaving Vivi and *someone there--- to give a good opportunity for Vivi to “do what she wants” xD xD.

LOL Vivi, I didn’t say anything =X =X

And Spell said that he is scared of me blablabla..
Yahhhhhhhh somanypeopleareSCAREDofme T_T
How saddddd..

I heard their singing practice today,
Sounds so funny and great =D
How’d I wish to go…
But too bad, I can’t skip tuition classes…

Ermmm yahhh I knew it's a long,boring post.
Sorry, I had nothing else to mention here (:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

09 16 2008~
Actually you should learn to forgive her,
remember, you will always be in her heart (:
I think I didn't update for days liao... Aiks...busy busy...with so many kinds of stuff =.="

~Civic project.... Was about to finish it...

~Periscope thingy... Things are all ready, but still don't have the mood to do it xD

~Exam is coming, 3 more weeks to go, but Pn. Tan made me feel like it is just a couple of days away from now =.="

~Still struggling with my singing voice... I don't wish that my voice is sooooooooo soft aikssss, and I am trying my best not to 走音 LOL

~I am still dreaming all day.... People in my class are mostly doing exercises and practices in class, but I seem like not doing anything... And I still spend alot of time to sleep and watch TV...

~Haven't revise for all subjects especially Biology. Thanks to Mr. A. And I was so embarassed that I can't answer 4questions of Leongleong last Sunday T_T *sigh*

* I just spent some time sitting in front of the laptop, "making" this picture.
xD Thanks to Mr. FS Lim for being such a pro photographer and let's see....our photo is so nice =D LOL It seems 100% real isn't it? LOL not so kua cheong lar... maybe 90% real? Hahas.

{{{ Owh... Did I mention him?

I guess I didn't...

Well need not to. }}}

Friday, September 12, 2008

“哎哟, top 1 都不懂怎样用筷子喔~”
就比如说我今天练歌时,他说我发音不准,声音不大好,而且唱到好像有点怪怪的--- 终结是我真的唱得不好啦。他说得对啊,很直接,很老实。

别人的意见只是“还好啊”;“不错啦,可改进一下”,“继续吧”。 老实说这些谎言我听了不少叻,听到闷了啦。


*我绝对不能够把它影响我的心情的 T_T
{{{ By now I should not let you interrupt my life as well (:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthdaeeeeeeeeeeee,
Mervin !!!

Had Chemistry class with Spell today xD, for two hours…
LOL and Leon kept disturbing non-stop…kept calling “Baby….baby”
Whereas Fung Soon is suddenly out of sight T_T

Suddenly Kei Yan was back and told me everything with an angry tone LOL
Someone’s mum said that
-we should not have performances during the pool party;
-we should involve some games* [her suggestions were freaking lame, honestly]
-she will provide us the tables and chairs for teachers ONLY
[which means students have to stand LOL];
-we must wear swimsuits to play in the pool;

=.=” If it is so, then what's the point of our party? T_T
I hope not to change place lerh...
After that, we had our singing practice,
which is another performance of our pool party.
LOL Spell was there to be the judge,
He is so pro and I am so noob at singing T_T
I couldn't sing ALL the high-pitched part,
and all the while I had been using my 'fake' voice...
How to perform lerh with such fugly voice... aiksss

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{{{ Happy Things }}}

1. I met this cute plushie ♥♥♥ iheartit.

*Anyone could get me this??

2. And this ♥♥♥ I bought this book of HSM today ^^
3. With the complimentary poster and bookmark of HSM2,

*Awaiting HSM3 in this coming October xD

4. I will be go to Genting with friends!! Without wearing those fugly school uniform LOL

5. And I would spend my birthday at Genting (:

6. Some drawings of Mr. Foo made me laugh. LOL

{{{ Sad Things }}}

1. My tuition notes got scribbled on the WHOLE page =.=" wtf

*{Fish that lives in the intestine of Fish Fong}

Ugh, what does that supposed to mean?

And this...

Fat??? LOL yea fatty fish xD i sort of like this name xD

But since he apologized, so it's okiee lerhhh (:

2. So my notes were scribbled like nobody cares, and I went to see my Wednesday Physics teacher to get a piece of new note,

but....incidentally, my Saturday Physics teacher was there too and he recognized me.

Ugh. Could you imagine when a teacher saw you taking notes from another teacher who teach the same subject as his? T_T

3. I told Mum bout the Genting trip, and I will have to pay ALL the expenses by my own T_T

4. Ms. Maz gave us a project--- making a periscope =.=

And the due date is by this coming Hari Raya holiday~

5. No more...


6 vS 4...so it's supposed to be a happy day today (:


Tuesday, September 9, 2008



T_T the same problem happens again, I tried for hours but still cannot sign in MSN.

I don't want to format my PC again just because of this T_T

And something is here [the photobucket icon]. At first I couldn't remove it, and tried searching for another new skin, although I love this soooooooooo much!! =X

But finally it is back to normal =D


Ms. Maz said that exam will be on 7th of October, T_T

and I have to postpone my family vacation during the Hari Raya holiday.

At first we planned a 3days 2 nights trip, but now I think I couldn't leave KL with my heavy heart due to the upcoming exam to enjoy myself in somewhere else

): What to do ...aiksss...

Monday, September 8, 2008


Sunday, September 7, 2008

(: Glad that I was back to hometown yesterday.

I need not to attend the I.U. Day, as I heard a lot of negative comments from people.

And Sorry Justin =P for breaking my promise, if you still remember xD.

So I was back to hometown and enjoyed myself xD.

We supposingly went there to pray.

And Sis even brought along her CLEO, in case that it would be soo sooo soooo boring there.

But we ended up playing this.The Disney Pooh and Friends version of UNO cards, which I got it from RM2 shop there xD.

___It's not pirated kayyy =X
And had my favourite ice-cream at the shop xD *Icekacang
And Dad also bought me a new pair of super old-fashioned school shoes xDDD,
as my old one had holes everywhere =.="



Went to Jusco ^^

Had thissss =D sushiiiiii

And Sis bought me this... SALES again xD, RM59.90 with 70% discount

Friday, September 5, 2008

09 05 2008~

Ugh. I was sleeping when my phone beeped just now. Guess what, it was a prank message from anonymous. So it reads, “Sze Hui, do you noe I love you since standard 6? I really love you k. I love you. Please be my girlfriend, k?”. LOL! He must have thought that I didn’t know who is he, so alright, I replied him this way, “Oh my…. Yeaaa how sweet! I love you too since the day I met you.” And the reply I got was, “Oh really? So let’s date xD”.

=.=” Why on earth do you have so many new numbers and so mush credit to play prank like this? T_T did anyone ever tell you that my credit is really running super low that I left only RM1++ now?? [It is impolite to not reply his message (:] *Sigh. But still, I kinda glad that you finally will text me even when you don’t need my help LOL.

If you remember what happened last year, one year had totally passed and it's time for us to get back there to pray again. (:
Due to this religious purpose, I am going back to my hometown tomorrow. And I will have to skip my tuition classes for whole day =.=" and I also will not be able to turn up for the I.U. Day. Sorry SweeYengDarling, for not be able to see you there ):
Sorry JM but I am serious that I really could not attend it.
Thanks KhaMun and JoAnn for helping out with exhibition stuff, which I am supposed to take charge of.
And... Yay! There will surely be ice-cream time from the famous stall when I reach kampung xD. *Addicted to eating, ---influenced by Vivi xD

There will be lesser and lesser updates these days,
because I am busy with sorts of stuffs,
but still
my blog will not be dead (:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After tuition, I reached LRT station and asked Sis to fetch me home. Since it is the Puasa month, there is food galore beside the station. I texted Sis, asking if I should get her some food for dinner.

And... the accident happened all in a sudden...

Sis called me up, telling me to get myself a cab home because she knocked some one's car a moment ago. I was still blurrrrr ; I just nodded and hung up the phone.

When she finally reached home, she said that it was my fault for sending her the text. @_@ you must be wondering whyyyyy...

She confessed that she was reading my text when a Kancil car suddenly came from the junction in front of her and hence she banged it. The Kancil has only few scratches at the back. Luckily it was a Malay woman who was in a hurry, and she just got RM50 from Sis, since she said she wanted to buat pahala semasa Bulan Puasa ini. But Sis' car [Kelisa]--- the front bumper was totally wrecked and it costs her almost a thousand to repair T_T

And the blame still goes to me...
Anyway don't ever buy a Kelisa =.=
it is sooooooooo soft that a Kancil is even better than it.

At night,
I watched TV for hours at night as usual=.=" but this time I slept super early T_T I feel sick, and searched for sore throat medicine. But I couldn't find any, so I ended up taking in fever medicine.
=.= Good night~

I went to tuition again today, you must be thinking that I am crazyyy =.="
Met ChunHoe in the bus =D with his friend sitting beside me.
At first I didn't know it was his friend and.... Ugh. Let's cut the crap =X.

Then... Bran texted me and he was late for tuition, and skipped AGAIN. Hahas. During class, I sat with the same, ordinary girl. Of course, I chatted with her all the while xD. Maklumlah saye ni mulut muraiiiii. But the way I speak was like............[indescribable] because she speaks Mandarin *sigh~

After class, I thought of going home as usual, but this time luckily Mr. Foo accompanied me =D. Met his friends too, and got mistaken again, LOL. I remembered when we were on the way to the LRT station, I saw him. He was walking with her along the same street, and kept looking at us. Well, perhaps he had some thoughts in his mind. But who cares (: He couldn't do anything he can. Back to Mr. Foo, we went to BJ and waited for my Sis, LOL rich man, sit cab all you want xD.

At night, watched TV again when I suddenly remembered that there will be Module 2 test for Add Math tomorrow T_T I have totally forgotten about it, and I also not sure if I listened wrongly LOL. So who cares (: again.

Tomorrow will pass soon...


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