Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So unfair!

How comes others read,
"Nombor KP anda tidak terdapat dalam senarai yang terpilih"

But mine is,
"Tahniah dan Selamat Maju Jaya"

Oh is this your way of "congratulating" me?
Spellman was the one who told me bout this oh-so-unwelcomed news,
and once I got home, I checked by myself and
OMG I found out that this is not a joke!

If you would like to check if you're as lucky as me,
do click the link below:

-Semakan Peserta Khidmat Negara-

Seriously if I say I am so glad and looking forward to this event,
I am OBVIOUSLY lying to you and myself!

Most of them who went to NS told me that

attending National Service was so FUN!

They learnt lots of things there,
and it is really an exhilarating lifetime experience of theirs!

Oh that's what everyone tells me when they know that I got selected.
But you are not me, you won't understand.

You wouldn't understand my plan of going for the January intake in college.
You wouldn't know how much this type of people like ME would suffer in camps.
I couldn't survive,
Sigh I am worried,
I am afraid that I really couldn’t survive through this =(((

I Googled this topic,
and found these photographs.

I am NOT going to allow myself being attired like this.
I couldn't get rid of the girlish clothes I had.

I almost died

while I was in the PBSM marching group during the competition.
I remembered exactly how I felt.

It was exhausting, and an unhappy experience with people.

This is the worst part of everything.
JustinQ told me how much he enjoyed the 3-months-training,
and he missed the moments.

I knew he loved it, because he was so outgoing.

But I am not.
I could not mix around well with people.
I am not able to do physical activities like this,
because I am suck at it.

I seriously very dumb in sports,
I am EXTREMELY poor at it T_T!!
I never know how much would I hurt myself by doing sports

I can only solve Additional Mathematics equations,
do the working for Physics questions,
balance Chemistry's equations.
I can do NOTHING other than these.

I am crying,
I promise myself not to shed a tear,
but I can't.

This is something that bothers my mind so much
more than any other better things!

I am soon gonna hate you, counselling teacher.
I hate you for putting my name into the list.
I hate you for submitting the list to the government.

I hate you for making me weep!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It puzzles me that you actually notice about this
when I myself didn't know that I was quiet yesterday.

OH NO! The dreadful feeling come back again!
My mood swings too swiftly = =

Look particularly at the symptoms,

I already 7 hit out of 11 !!!

Means that...
I'm soon going to get the disease of depression!

Stay away from me,
for you shall never know when will my mental health deteriorate,
and when I may start going berserk with a KNIFE =x

P/S: Colourful days, please be by my side.
Thanks for your presence

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey people! As I promised, I just managed to delete 30 posts out of 380 posts, yet there are still so many to be deleted. Do anyone know how to select multiple delete instead of deleting it one by one?

:D Nice school day today,
because I just don't call it as SCHOOLing day for we didn't study at all!

3 periods of having "SPM answering technic talk"
[the name was so, but the content was totally different!].
1 period of Puan Tan grandma's story session.
2 periods of oh-so-we-have-nothing-to-do,
and lastly
1 period of yawning Addmaths.

We spent our time chatting, camwhoring blablas!

Okay :D let's see the random pictures!

This was taken a few days ago outside the Biology lab.

It was found wounded and wet.

Mr. Shurvas refused to rescue it,
so it was left to jump around along the corridor,
the next day I went there again,
but it was missing ):

The task from Ms. Liew (:
I am into drawing once again!
Oh by the way
let's eat healthily
in order to have nice body figure like the teacher xD!

Oh f***!
What are KFC doing?
I am a moron? Yes agree.

Keiiyan didn't want to appear in the photo of the day T_T!!!

:D We crossed her mouth!!
Do not talk? NO.
Just do not laugh.
But from her eye expression,
we can still see that she is smiling, right?

Oh during the talk today,

we have a group work session.
We are required to do a mindmap on

Or in simple words, HOW TO GET STRAIGHT A'S?

Glory becomes our artist =D

Cartoon-styled mind map we had!
She is so talented that she could draw all these in just
a SHORT, few minutes time!

Heart you, girl!
How'd I wish to be gifted like her (:


1. Ermmm true, but sounds like hypocrite!

Nope. Just do not USE your friends (:

2. Who usually do this in class?
xD! It's alright, BUT just make sure that
you do not spill your saliva on the desk =X


Ahhh. The nerdy!
To get good result,
study until you feel like throwing the whole book into your stomach xD


Oh ice-cream, doughnuts, junkies !!!
I'd love it! But NO during exams ):

This is something I never ever do xD!

The 10-people team :D
But Glory did most of the job xD!

The masterpiece after a lil' decoration on it.

Oh the Kak Su loves this,
so we got the token of appreciation (:

Okayyy the prize is just like that = =
Oh let's think the other way round,

this key chain will at least reminds you on something happened (:

Before the talk ends,
we manage to make some drama in the hall.
JoeyC: Reading ghost story
ViviC: Trying to become a ghost in the story
FishF: Attracted by the ghosts, so snapped this photo

The drama queens xD

Posing, posing and posing!

Do you know that "Fuck off", is the famous slogan of Vivian nowadays? xD

And she is shouting that to Joey LOL

My table is messy, I knew.

Did you notice Keiiyan and Farah at the corner of this picture?

What were they doing?@_@

Oh Vivi's table is worse than mine xD!

I escaped from being captured (:

Vivian is a hardworking person. She loves to study.
She loves to read. She loves to do Puan Tan's notes.
Does that sound so true? xD

She loses attention towards her work when she saw the camera :D

Sorry the surrounding is dark,
but ROMANTIC to have such SEXY post xD!

Finally no more camwhoring for Vivian.
It's our turn! XD





Please grab this picture,

and edit her face, hand and body "nicely".
I wonder what would she turn out in the new creation of yours :D

Sorry I knew this post is a disappointment for people who admire Keiiyan,

because there is no direct-face photograph of her.
Coz' she didn't want to take picture today T_T!!!

Anyway, be patient.

You can see her lil' teddy here first xD!
We're guild members!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday,

Mr. Sanji!

I choose to upload this two pictures of him

because he looks like me there!

LOL, okay not ME,
but he looks like a FISH in the pictures.

It is indeed my pleasure to meet him (:
And to become one of my since-Year-Two classmate!

Sorry I could just update bout this.
I was too exhausted after hours of tuition classes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This post will be very DIRECT, and 100% you will understand this COMPLETELY. Ahhahaa!

I mean, you don't have to guess who on Earth I am talking about again, then what happens to me again... Yep completely NO guessing! Just frank talk! (:

Okay, don't be mistaken that it is only a random picture.
I found this yesterday, and sort of wanna have this
as my new blog header
Yep it is much cuter than the one I am having now.
So what do you think? (:

:D Okay. I get better today.
Sorry for the silly post yesterday.
I never meant to say that to her,
I understand how much she LVEs ignoring me,

I will NOT complain bout it anyway,
and I WILL get used to this, very soon! Wish me luck!

We do have vicissitude most of the time, don't we?
Everyone has ups and downs, twists and turns,
Hope you step into my shoe and understand this too :)

Multi-tasking is terrible sometimes,
like... I couldn't concentrate on this when I am so into that.
Calm down right?

I am just so tired...

so weary...

so worn-out...

That's why I wrote that I need more sleep in my Facebook status.

Why did I have not enough sleep?
Why have I been doing sometimes?
Continue reading and you shall know (:

This only reminds me that no,
you can't multitask,
you're not that great,
you're no difference from any other,
you're just an ordinary human!
[Okay, change 'you' into 'I' then]

Although I didn't sleep in classes,
still I have been making teachers got frustrated over me.
For example my favourite Physics teacher in school,
[You know who she is, don't you?]
She stops loving me, so do I, frankly.
She is unhappy with the sharp fall of my Physics result, so do I.
She hates me to lose ALL concentration and intention to listen to her in class.
Okay, so do I - - - I hate listening to her in class too.

And sooner or later, she will receive all the bad remarks
from various parties.
I wonder how could she face the principal
IF she really got questioned by her.
It's my turn to wish her good luck (:

Apparently I am losing interests towards Physics and
the worst part is I begin to love Biology.

OMG how could this ever happen on me?

SPM is less than 150 days away from now,
and I dump studies aside while settling the other stuff of mine.

I seem to be busy most of the time, I knew.
But I don't know what am I busy with actually = =

I stop going out with you guys, I realized.
Besties is bugging me all the time that we have not been hanging out,
what a sad thing it was ): I do miss the time we had.
Sorry Spellieeee...

I didn't talk much with people nextdoors nowadays.

Inspired by SpellmanChoy and VincentHew,
I start spending my time reading my own old blog,
starting from 2006--- till' now I have read till April 2007.
Still long way to finish all.
I feel like I'm really living INSIDE my own little world.
I really isolated myself from you ):

I realized that I always wrote bout those EMO things in the past.
And every single character that I've mentioned is so obvious
that everyone could guess them easily = =
Anyway I gonna delete those stupid old posts soon xD!

I spent my time reading Esclipse and soon gonna start Breaking Dawn.
Sorry I am a slow reader but I enjoy this :)

I spent my time daydreaming of something that is impossible to happen,
yet the dreams never vanish from my mind.

Oh ya. Something Spellman told me yesterday bugged my mind = =
I do feel sad for what I've heard.
Anyway let's think positively,
I do believe the world usually gets jealous of popular people xD!
Plus, graduation is near! Soon I'll ditch the bad remarks and accuses from people :D

And also... luckily,
today girls came out with an idea of having lunch at Pizza Hut,
I didn't know how and why this popped out in Keiiyan's mind,
But I am glad that we [Carolyn,JoeyC,Keiiyan,Vivi and I] did enjoyed! (:
Nice gossipings by the wayyy xD

Oh I shall stop, shan't I?
Trapped in the past is absolutely a POOR habit,
I shall move on! :D

Let's talk bout the upcoming events xD!
Next Friday would be the Cross-Country event (:

I need photographers
[ Spell is temporarily assigned as one (:
But for God's sake, I still have to seek for teacher's permission ]

And next Saturday followed would be
the Singing Competition held by Chinese Society :D
Here I come to support you, SpellmanChoy!!!

Sorry, I am so into this bestie named Spellman nowadays = =

And I apologize for keeping you bored

with my oh-so-many-WORDs post!

I found this teddy few days ago,
on an unwanted rack at my neighbourhood.

*Why would people abandon this cute creature?
The charming look of lil' reminisces the past.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gahhh. Do you ever know that you made me frustrated most of the time? Your way of pretending as if you're the best mankind on Earth made me feel like slapping YOU. If she is the World's No.1 Bitch, then I bet YOU are the World's No.2.

Sorry, please ignore what I've just said.

I should not be acting rude when I am begging you to do me a favour.
Notice my word?
I beg you,
You have taken one away from me,
please DON'T snatch another one as well,
I need him.

I was just a little freaked up by your selfishness.
But I have pleaded you, haven't I?


Okay, heart-to-heart talk now.

*You recognized your text right?

I know you're reading this and since you do not know Chinese,
I choose simple, clear English here =)

Seriously this message of yours battered my soul,
I never realised that brooding silence in us can be so deafening,
so I choose to speak before you.

I do not know whether I am speaking in the nick of time,
I just need you to understand nothing happens on me, but you and I
[NOTE: No pronoun (i.e. us) used in this context]

Do you remember the ignorance of mine
in turn becomes a bliss of yours?
You know how straight-forward I am, don't you?
I could not just grin and bear it.
I could not resist the cold feelings of dread.
Ahh, Whatsoever shit I am talking here since I myself do not understand.

Since fate plays its part and we aren't changing our tune,
I just hope not to have that strange expression anymore.
That grimace kills, if you notice.

I shall stop writing before you explode with rage.
Alright, you may contact me via Facebook
to view your opinion as well.
I will not stop you.
And by the way,
I am not emo, just a lil' denial :D

P/S: Readers, get the hint. Don't ask who is this person, since I purposely mosaiced the phone number above.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's the third Sunday of June...

Happy Papa's Day!

It's time for celebration again :D

I had been waiting so eagerly for this day
to proudly present the gift from me, Sisza and Mama to you, Papa!

This wallet has lots of compartments to place his credit cards, licence, identity card, etc. And on top of all, it is smaller than any other wallet he ever has!

I think Sis chose the right type of wallet =X
Yeaa my Dad is NOT too young to have those types of stylish wallet anymore haha!

Oh the cake?
Honestly I don't know where to place the candles ><
I don't wish to ruin the oh-so-lovelly tie on it,
and every desoration on it...
Plus, I seriously love this adorable cake :P
Hope Dad loves it too.

Yesterday we went to Harbour Restaurant for dinner,
and Dad insisted on another steamboat meal
at somewhere near Sunway Pyramid tonight.
Gahhh I am soon gonna have sore throat
for having too much of tomyammm = =

I am sorry
if you didn't have a Dad.
Although you refused to tell me the story behind,
but I knew it was a saddening one.
:) I truly hope that you can enjoy this day
as much as others do too

P/S: OMG I forgotten to get a gift for DaddyLoke!

The tuition classes today were a lil' different than the usual ones.
I went for BM class alone,
with a HUGE, fat Malay asshole
[Sorry I have to use this word].

He was coughing all the time for 70minutes of class!
= =" It became WORSE when he coughed
and spilled his saliva onto my arms.
EWWWWW.... I felt like shouting,

= =
I purposely wiped my hand cleaned in front of him,
Yet he didn't apologize.
How impolite =X!

Sigh. Our lifes are at stake!
People at PTK are from everywhere,
so I realise that those who wears masks really did the smartest choice on Earth
for this dangerous period.
Plus, SJK(C) Davidson which was reported infected
is sooooooo near to PTK! = =

Mum gonna get me a mask soon,
BUT... I'm not sure if I dare to wear it in public = =

Monday, June 15, 2009

Owh sorry.
I have drafted this yesterday,
due to connection problem,
I have no choice but to post it today。

:D Okay it is time to update again.
This would be an extremely long post haha.

I slept at 1.a.m. yesterday,
It was totally unusual for me,
As everyone knows I usually sleep very early = =
I remembered the last time I slept THIS late was
The countdown of new year 2009,
When I reached home around 2.a.m. LOL.

Tee-hee :D
Fish Leong’s concert was exhilarating last night!
8.10pm until 11.40pm.
It was the LONGEST concert I’d ever been.
[The usual ones is only 2++ hours]

FishLeong is still the best,
Queen of Malaysia
is totally different from others,
Therefore DongLiang’s one was so-so only compared to this =X

The pictures I snapped yesterday were not sharp enough,
Most of them were BLURred = =
Hope you understood that my camera is not a DLSR,
Plus, I have had to face some ‘circumstance’ when taking pictures.
Let me tell you later.


This uncle sat right beside my sis,
and he and his son obviously got free tickets to this concert,
coz' they did not seem to enjoy at all throughout the night,
the man even fell asleep for awhile during the concert.
How disrespectful!

Everyone waves this (:

Now that the concert starts~

Look at the red gift up there.
FiSh Leong is right inside!
Now I understand how people
actually gift themselves to others :P

Oh heavenly-look box (:

Oh full-house!
10 000 people here (:

Upclosed look of hers (:

Her pretty dress :D

They're from Beijing (:
Exclusively invited here.

I FiSh too!

H-e-a-r-t-y :P

Michael Wong [光良] was the guest,
But I apologize coz’ I didn’t manage to snap any picture of him.

As informed, cameras are not allowed in concerts
But everyone just doesn’t care and bring along this gadget.

This time the guard came towards me,
And wanted to snatch the camera from my hand.
He even warned those who were making calls using the cell phone.
Luckily Sis snatched the camera back and placed into the bag.
The stupid guard insisted us to delete ALL the pictures
WTF!! Anyway we just ignored him.

For two hours,
I had to be very careful when taking photographs,
So there were some scenes which I missed :(

At almost 11pm,
All the guards were gone,
And I was back to photoshooting again :D

Oh. The end of the concert.

And everyone was waiting for the ENCORE part

It's Ah Niu! :)
One of the Malaysian artist who came
to watch her concert.

He was awesome in making jokes (:

He plays guitar,
she sings

he sings and plays,
while she listens.

Oh. FiShLeong even invited all these Malaysain artists
to the stage for sing-a-long session :)
The lady in hat is 菲比

* The End of 梁静茹 “今天情人节” 大妈演唱会*


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