27 November, 2011

Happy Retirement!

Years have passed and it has finally come to this BIG day!

Black sesame cake, with hazelnut from Tong Kee Confectionery @ RM 29

“Happy Birthdae and Happy Retirement”. Yes, it finally comes to the day that my Daddy retires!

 5 large candles and 5 small ones indicate that it’s his 55th birthdae, 
there it goes a not-too-sweet cake for a simple family celebration.

This simple celebration is completed with Mummy’s home-cooked food.

#1 Longevity noodle, 长寿面 with prawns, fish cakes, squids, and my fave veges.

#2 Sweet and sour crabs, my favourite too!

#3 Fried chicken wings and drumsticks

Retirement means it’s time to enjoy all the tomorrows with no worries and stress.
Just lead a good life, and cherish every single day with family and friends, doing the things you love.

Once again, Happy Retirement, Daddy! Do enjoy with Mummy!

"Human doesn't grow older every year, but becomes wiser every day."

23 November, 2011

Early Merry Christmas!

Christmas is only a month away from now but the shopping complexes are already filled with Christmas cheer. I'm not a Christian nor a Western lass, hence the Christmas has never been a day of celebration for me. 

The only thing I did last year was to visit One Utama with my best friends and did photoshooting there (Click for more pictures). Let's make a change this year; I hope to have a great celebration or party during this festive season of the year!

Anyway this year I went to some of the malls for photo taking since the Christmas trees and reindeers are already very well set up.

1st Destination: Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

This giant cake made me stunned for a while. How did Pavilion always manage to have pretty decorations each and every year without a miss?! I feel like I'm in some fairy tales already!

The main theme of the year is lollipops with purple and pink as the primary colors.

The Christmas tree stands strongly at the main entrance of the mall.

It's purple again! This time around, Pavilion has all kinds of purple and gold ornaments to complement with the tree. In case that you didn't notice, the enormous candy canes are surrounding the tree too!

Dear Santa, how can you be so selfish to have one whole lollipop on your own?
Please share some with me too!

Other than the lollis, cakes, and trees, Pavilion has a mini carousel this year!
Quick, bring your kids and little ones there,
they'd definitely enjoy the ride!

2nd Destination: Sunway Pyramid, PJ

Next, I headed to Sunway Pyramid, my favourite shopping place recently. The first thing I discovered is this gigantic snowman! Its beauty is enhanced by the brilliant lights around it.

The colours of blue and white matches well with the orange shade of the pyramid.

How I'd wish to be a little girl, sitting on the sleigh with Santa and distributing gifts to everyone.

I can feel the satisfaction of Santa's follower after spreading the love and joy to the people.

This wooden house reminds me of the cartoon, Winnie The Pooh which I've been watching for 8765912 times since young! That's where Pooh and his friends had their tea party while keeping themselves warm from winter.

Crystal-like ornaments perfectly suit the Christmas feel, with the bokeh effect of the picture.

3rd Destination: Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur

 Meet the cone-shaped tree cage decorated with colorful ornaments.

The decoration @ Fahrenheit88 is awesome, as you can see from the background of this picture.
It's best to take photographs under the warm and heaven-like ambience.

Here's a close shot of the Christmas tree-like decoration. 

It looks like a garden here, with tinges of green and red. So sweet-looking, isn't it? 

Surprisingly, rabbits are used as one of the main decorations for Christmas this year.
Bunny is my love, there I must take as many pictures as possible with my fave icon!

The reindeer is already here, but the Santa Claus is missing!

After admiring the above pictures (I sincerely hope you don't scroll down too fast),
which shopping complex do you think gives you the best Christmas feel?
Sunway, Pavilion or Fahrenheit88?

None of the above? Then you shall tell me the place with better Christmas decoration
so that I can have another photoshooting there :)

Let me introduce to you my all-time favourite, the Christmas candy canes from Famous Amos.
Now tell me who doesn't love this candy tied with colorful bells?

Anyway, Christmas would be celebrated the way it should be, with good food and good company.
Hope you have a great Christmas plan ahead!

21 November, 2011

Crumbs @ Pavilion KL


#1 Have you heard of Crumbs?
It is brought in from Hong Kong. Crumbs offers handmade scones freshly baked-in-store and signature smooth frozen yoghurt with exclusive homemade toppings and other varities of premium-toppings.

Location of the day:
P1.11.04, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 - 2141 6020

Strategically located at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, it is a booth selling frozen yoghurt and scones. When you go around searching for food @ Food Republic, you can see this orangy booth standing vibrantly at the centre of the food court.

#2 You can choose either one or two toppings for your cup of yoghurt.

#3 Look at the difference in sizes.

#4 You have more than 24 choices of toppings to be chosen from.

#5 Here’s the menu of toppings.

The homemade toppings include the signature housecrumbs, mini meringue, mochi, green tea mocha and roasted peanut mix.

#6 The house specialty is of course the house crumbs--- sprinkles of cinnamon.
The second bestseller is the mini meringue. It’s a colorful dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar.

#7 Mini marshmallows, which I adore very much!

During the event, RedFM DJ and the fellow bloggers had a mini game session--- DIY Yoghurt,
...wondering who can make the tastiest and most tempting-looking yoghurt!

We three are in a team for the yoghurt making mini competition.

#9 And here's our end product, the Confused Crumbs!
Pssst, please tell me that it looks superb and you wanna have a spoon of it immediately!

Wondering why must it be named as the confused crumbs? It's because we kind of stuff as much toppings as possible over the frozen yoghurt until the froyo is packed with fruits and marshmallows! We chose to fill the froyo with four toppings, namely strawberries, mango cubes, marshmallows and colorful rice.

#10 Does this look very much better than ours?
Because the staff, Jaymie herself made this cup of strawberry chunks with house crumbs yoghurt!

#11 Does this look like strawberry flavoured McFlurry?
You may say "Yes" but this froyo of raspberries frozen yoghurt would definitely taste better!

#12 Finally this is one of the most exclusive products done by Jaymie, with FOUR (4) toppings!

The blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and the house crumbs indeed work miracles on the frozen yoghurt. With the soft texture of the yoghurt, you can have a bite on the chilled fruit chunks with the scent of the cinnamon. A perfect combination which is highly recommended for all.

#13 These girls from ilovediscounts.my also came over for food tasting too!

So the question which may pop out from you is,
why should I choose frozen yoghurt out of so many desserts out there?
And the reasons are simple:
1. No added water / ice
2. Low fat (YES for all females :P)
3. Healthier indulgence!


Not a fan of frozen yoghurt or icy dessert? Crumbs offers you another type of delicious delicacy too--- the Classic Scones! You may wonder what is a scone? It's a small Scottish quick bread, made of barley, wheat or oatmeal with baking powder. In short, it looks kinda like cookies, but with a softer texture!

#14 The classic scones come in three (3) flavours. 
It is crispy at the outer part, and soft within the inner part.

#15 Firstly, the cheese scones, made of Australian Parmesan Cheese.

#16 Secondly, the raisin scones, made of USA Plump Raisins.

#17 And lastly, the chocolate scones, made of imported chocolate beans.

Among these 3, chocolate scone tastes the best
because the taste of chocolate is not too strong while you can still taste the original flavour of the scone.

#18 Last but not least, let’s have a group picture after the fun time.
Once again, thank you Kim and Alvin from ilovediscounts.my for the invitation to this mini event.
Also credits to Ronnie, Jaymie and her partner from Crumbs for the delicious yoghurts and scones.

Lastly, thank you all the bloggers and RedFM DJ for the fun time together :)
Hope to be invited for such events again!

#19 Click on the picture above to grab the deal! 
If you wish to know more bout Crumbs,
 Visit Crumbs Malaysia at their website or on Facebook!

20 November, 2011

Aladdin the Musical- Meeting The Cast & Behind The Scenes


It was a splendid weekend for me to spend some time with the media partners and the London West End producer, choreographer and casts for the "Behind The Scene" session; A big thank you to the invitation from Avante and Sunway for a sneak peek of the 'Aladdin the Musical' that will be held at Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon starting from 25 November 2011 onwards.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Mr. Loke Kah Peng, PR manager of Sunway Lagoon and led us to The STUDIO room. It was pretty cool that this time around, we were granted access to enter the studio room.

Left: Christopher Colby ; Right: David Kort
We then spoke to Chris Colby, the director of the Aladdin The Musical production while David Kort lends his expertise as a choreographer. Both Chris and David were the producers of Peter Pan the Musical and these two talented men have been in this career for more than 20 years! 

Look, there were lots of laughters throughout the session with them.

Here's the dancers; Some brought from UK, while some auditioned in Philippines and Malaysia.

As you can see, the dancers and casts are bursting with great vibe and energy. 
They were enthusiastic, friendly and most importantly really committed to show their best moves and groves plus vocals too. Come and get yourself mesmerized by the London West End talents all the way from UK! It was all ‘fantabulous’!

Here’s the most handsome man on earth after Robert Pattinson--- Meet the Aladdin!

I feel that her hair ornament works miracle on her. 
"I shall grant you three wishes", said the Genie to Aladdin.
Gareth Heesom, the Genie of the musical steals the show! His jokes are hilarious. 
He incorporates some up-to-date current events for his wise cracks.

Here's the part of "The Slave of The Ring".
Her costume is marvellous so I can’t help to stop taking pictures of her. 

And not to forget, I managed to take a picture with her too :D

They have more than 100 pieces of costumes for each stage performance, 
and rarely reuse their clothes for other events.

Here’s the lovey dovey happily-ever-after couple---
Aladdin played by Joshua Tonks and Princess Jasmine played by Nikki Mae. 

Of course I’d love to have a photograph with them too :D

Next, we headed to the Amphitheatre--- the stage where the performance begins!

It’s still under construction but you can already see it’s progressing pretty well. 

They have this tower with ancient lights, matching with the story of Aladdin. 

And this stairway with a huge lion’s mouth.

Now, our Aladdin and Princess are dressed in their costumes. 

Awww, can you imagine how romantic would it be to chill up there? 
After all the goodbyes, we headed for a tea session at Light House Beach Bistro @ Sunway Lagoon.

Do you miss the chicken popcorn from KFC? 
No worries, now they have it here at this bistro.

And chicken wings served during tea time is perfect!

Not to forget, there are some fries and orange juice for all the invited ones :)

Aladdin The Musical wouldn’t be complete without the golden lamps.

Wait.. The best thing always comes last!

Here's a video of them practising their dancing steps for part of the musical!

And... This Is The First 3D Musical in Malaysia! :D
Impressive eh? Not only movies on cinema can be in 3D, 
but live performances like Aladdin the Musical had a breakthrough in this too!
Overall, it's a quality show, great story telling, fun effects, great singing.  
Whether you're familiar with the movie/story or not, they do a great job at retelling the story.

You also stand a chance to win the tickets from Sunway Corp. itself, do find more from its website.

Guess what, they only spent TWO (2) weeks for the preparations, 
yes only two weeks and they already achieve so much! It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? 

It’s a nice experience meeting the casts who live and breathe for arts :)
And I’m impressed with their musical production! Just can’t wait for the Gala Night next Fridae!
For those who are interested in enjoying this musical, do click HERE for more information.

Aladdin The Musical: 25 November 2011 to 2 January 2012.
See you there! 
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