31 December, 2014

It's A Wrap for 2014 & Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!!! ♥ Are you ready for 2015? 

How's 2014? Awesome? No matter what, be sure to make 2015 even better, fuller and more memorable! What matters is still the process, the every single day we spend at work, in college, with friends, family and loved ones. 

2014 has treated me pretty well, let’s do a quick recap on the precious memories during the year :) 
You can click on the red, bold phrases to read (if you haven’t!) about the related blog post.

This is the very first picture I took in 2014 during the countdown at KLCC. Told ya 2014 is going to be colorful and magical like the fireworks and dancing water performance, and in just a blink of eyes, we're now stepping into 2015 already!

First (and last, lol) Genting trip in 2014 to celebrate my bestie's birthday.
So nice to be January baby right? Can enjoy the holiday so much!

It's Chinese New Year and semester break :D
Did our annual family visit to the temple of lights, Fo Guang Shan at Jenjarom.

Sponsored trip to Langkawi & we stayed at the private Ocean Residence 
with an infinity pool by the sea! Read more about my adventure: Part 1 / Part 2 

Second month of my internship with my bestie around! The 6-months journey was hectic and tough, 
but pretty awesome to meet lovely bunch of colleagues and the best leng lui manager ever!

First time working outstation for an international brand.
First time laughing till tears came out in the office.
First time working at a golf course, restaurant, factory, etc.
Loads of first-times and precious experiences in this company! 

So honored to be Nuffnang Featured Blogger of the Month! Thanks for the opportunities over the years~


Honored to be a panel judge for US Fresh Potato Culinary Challenge 2014 to rate the dishes presented by top chefs in hotels and restaurants around Klang Valley, although I myself can't even cook :P 

First professional studio photoshoot with my besties! Thank you to the Korean couple for hosting us, it was indeed one of the best memories ever  But unfortunately I lost all the soft copy photographs that I store in my laptop T___T Luckily I still have some, kept in this blog :') 

Party time at MTV World Stage 2014 with the crazy bunch! :D

And yes, it marks the end of my internship too!! *smell the air of holiday*


Sponsored trip to Redang Island, it marks my first snorkelling experience despite of being a non-swimmer. I was soooo frightened to get into the sea, but luckily there were alot of nice people during the trip to help me out :) Thank you Laguna Redang Island Resort for hosting the trip!

Bleached my hair PINK too, all thanks to La' Mode Coiffure for sponsoring.

I have never thought I was going to have this shocking pink hair until the hairstylist told me so. He suggested me to try out something bolder, brighter and even HOTTER! Anyway, thanks for your Facebook likes and comments; Most were very encouraging and comment that the new hair color suits me.

But the truth was....my hair got really damaged after that, and I was very unhappy even after rounds of intensive treatments. Luckily, I am going to get another hair sponsor to fix my hair next month! *can't wait!*


Thank you Borneo Soap for sponsoring me and Ella on another adventure to Kuching, Miri and Bario, a Kelabit territory, one of the minority Orang Ulu tribes of Sarawak!! Bario is the most rural place I've ever been in my entire life!

Imagine living without phone reception for a week, and limited electricity, cold weather all day long? But I really enjoyed the trip very much, for the first-time experiences I have in the paddy field, pineapple farm, sheep farm, salt spring (jungle), etc...

First time flying with MAS Wings, an ATR aircraft that fits a maximum of 14 persons.
And I sat directly behind the pilot!!

Here are the summary of my adventure:

My 4th sponsored trip of the year! We headed to Bangkok this time, courtesy to Mode Sathorn Hotel. And I met the nicest tour guide ever in Bangkok, thanks for making me fat during the trip and luring me with good food pictures via Whatsapp all the time. Haha, until now he still keeps in touch with me :) 

Ah, I'm such a lazy blogger, I haven't complete all my blog posts on Bangkok adventure,
but at the mean time you can view the below posts first. Will update more, I promise!

Part 1: Unicorn Cafe at Bangkok /
Part 2: The Roof at 38th, Bangkok's hottest rooftop bar
Part 3: Mode Sathorn Hotel + Breakfast review


My favourite month of the year!!! Because it was my birthday, thanks for the special Magnum birthday ice cream + H.B. Rose Latte! Spent some quality time with my close friends during my birthday week although I was so caught up with assignments and midterms. Thank you nice bunch of people who bought me cakes and celebrated this special day with me! :)

And I'm a die-hard Starbucks fans, so happy to receive such an awesome birthday present 
all the way from Korea--- 2015 Starbucks Planner x Moleskine.

Was spotted on The Star paper and New Strait Times throughout the month, for the collaboration with Dove.

It was year end, and hence gifting time! Hosted two biggest giveaways of the year on my blog---
#1 Canon Pixma MG7570 All-in-One Printer, one for you and another for me!
#2 A COACH Bag + 6 months supply of Kotex - Contest is ongoing, just leave a comment HERE.

Lastly, I managed to celebrate Christmas with le family, and
*proud* My first attempt to bake Orange and Poppy Seeds Muffin had succeeded! Yums.

Before 2015 arrives...
Look how much I have changed! Not just in terms of hairstyle, but becoming more mature and clearer in my direction on what I want to achieve in the upcoming year. Honestly 2014 is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, and I may have screamed and enjoyed throughout the journey. Ultimately, I'm still grateful for being who I am today. I'm glad that the hardships in life shape me into a better person, more appreciative of the little things that I may have lost and gained. 

Now it's a wrap! When I look back into what I've accomplished throughout 2014, I realise it is indeed a fruitful year with loads of new experiences as an auditor, as a blogger, and as a traveler. Despite of heavy workload and academic commitments, I'm lucky to earn 4 sponsored trips in 2014. Nothing beats the time spent at a stranger's place :) 

At the end of this year, I learn that the hard work is worth the pain and tears. Thank you people who have been supporting me all these while, your little words of encouragement meant a lot to me. When life was too hard to stand, you were the ones who reminded me to kneel and pray for a better tomorrow 

2013 was good, but I didn't expect 2014 to be so good as well! In fact, 2015 looks pretty good as I've sealed a contract for the next couple of months, and few more endorsements plus giveaways for you guys!!!  

Lastly, all I need to say today is....

Out of all the achievements today, the main contributor is not me, but YOU! ♥ I've lived with www.ohfishiee.com for the past 3.5 years, and I'm happy to gain support from you guys. I promise, I will be more hardworking in blogging. 

Thank YOU for reading me!
See you in 2015!

30 December, 2014

New Year Shopping Tips!

Here it comes to year end again...and it's my favourite time of the year because of the year-end sales! When I was shopping to get my party-ready outfit, I notice every shop was madly slashing the prices as if everything must go before the end of the year. *screams* Discount is everywhere, and I manage to grab some accessories at real good deal....

Pretty right? I feel that anything in gold is just awesome for this season, and matches perfectly with any outfit! 

Here's part of my shopping haul for accessories during this Christmas...

But......after making the in-store purchase, I browsed through a few online shops which are selling similar items, even at cheaper prices :( Therefore, my lesson learnt is, always make the price comparison first! 

Thanks to a friend who introduced PricePanda to me, it is my ultimate guide for shopping now! If you haven't heard of it, it is a renowned online price comparison website providing you with the best product prices and latest information from any popular brands.

Time to get the best deal and save money!

Browsing PricePanda site, I realise that comparing prices are becoming so effortless nowadays! And no, it is NOT another online shopping site that gives you all sorts of discounts or deals. It just helps you to get a product at the best price available in the marketplace.

Let's make wise and informed decisions for the next online or even offline purchase!
Feel free to hop over to PricePanda.com.my and enjoy the best deal in town.

29 December, 2014

Milkcow @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City, KL

I notice that the recent hits in town are all concentrated within the Mid Valley City, including the ever popular Magnum Cafe, followed by Tim Ho Wan, the dim sum specialist by Hong Kong 1 star Michelin chef. Milkcow, the famous soft-serve ice cream from Korea also opens its first outlet in this mall, and the queue is crazy almost every single day.

As compared to its grand opening few weeks back, now the queue is lesser but still we spent a good 15 minutes to get our hands on the organic soft serve ice-cream. The squarish cubes of honeycomb is the signature flavour of Milkcow, and I saw almost every one who came here would go for this flavour.

Actually you can choose among the 11 types of toppings to go with the soft serve ice cream. Unfortunately, Snow Drop (cotton candy topping with organic salt and jelly beans in it) and Milky Crunch (Cadbury crunchie macaron) were both sold out during my visit.

Milkcow also serves coffee here, but since this outlet is a pop-up store at The Gardens, there are very limited seats available, able to fit only 16 pax at most. So we did not bother for a drink since the benches were all taken. You will just have to stand and eat, or walk around the mall while eating.  

Honeycomb, the main reason of our visit, is the winner among all flavours! The prices for the soft serve ice-cream served in a 8oz (236ml) cup, range from RM8 to RM13, depending on the toppings. But it is still considered cheaper as compared to Honey Creme in Singapore and Softree in Korea.

Milky Cube (With natural honey comb) @ RM13

Milkcow uses 100% natural honey and organic milk sourced from Korea for a more distinctive and richer taste. Texture wise, the soft serve ice-cream is very smooth, silky and with a strong milk flavour in it. Unlike the conventional ice cream, Milkcow's ice cream has a more yoghurt-like consistency--- Lighter, less dense and creamy.

The highlight, of course, came from the small square honeycomb placed on top of ice-cream. Interestingly, the honeycomb was very chewy and the honey was constantly dripping from it onto the ice-cream. Sweet, thick honey with silky, mildly sweet ice cream was simply the perfect combination!

For those who may not enjoy sweet treats, you may find that the honeycomb overwhelms the overall taste.

Christmas Edition: Merry Berry @ RM13

During Christmas, it has an exclusive flavour--- Swirls of black cherry sauce, fresh raspberries and blueberries in a cup, not forgetting to mention the festive must-have peppermint candy canePretty good too, with the natural sweetness of the fruits (not as sweet as honey :D)

Revisit? I think I'd visit if Milkcow introduces new items such as ice cream in cone, or ice cream cake!

Lower Ground Floor (in front of Cold Storage),
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 7726 7370
Facebook: fb.com/MilkcowMY
Instagram: @milkcowmy

25 December, 2014

Opium: Cocktails & Food @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Ideally located within the trendy lifestyle and entertainment hub of Changkat Bukit Bintang, Opium offers patrons with one-of-its-kind dining experience that outshines the rest along the street. Designed with an oriental Shanghainese theme, the eatery promises to take you a trip down the memory lane as you admire the vintage charm while savoring Asian fusion cuisine with modern Western influence.

The name, "Opium" plays a great role in reflecting the China history by itself, therefore the restaurant is built in the style of a traditional Chinese shophouse that relives the glamour of mid-18th century of Shanghai with nostalgic music playing at the background.

The attention to detail in decorations at Opium is purely amazing, especially when the thoughtfulness is evident in little things such as the crockery and a wide array of opium pipes and inhalers which I have not seen before!

Opium is semi-open air with dining sections divided into private room, dining sections and al fresco. Every angle and corner here are picture-worthy, thus I am not surprised that the restaurant is a popular venue for wedding photoshoots too.

With a house mixologist and bar as well, Opium is inevitably a great place to chill and unwind any night. Interestingly, beers are served in pots and bowls, whereas wines are served in ceramic glasses of assorted shapes and sizes. The electrifying array of cocktails at Opium are named after the significant people or event in ancient China history, such as Peking Man, The Forbidden City, and Shanghailander.

Empress Dowager @ RM32.00

To begin with, we take a sip of icy cold Empress Dowager which is spiked with rum, apricot syrup, Angostura bitters and lime juice. True to its name, it is a very lady-like drink that tastes sweet on the brim but eventually becomes dry on the palate.

Black Dragon @ RM32.00

The amazing presentation of cocktails here is so unique that you probably wouldn't be able to see it elsewhere. Served on a pot of dry ice, Black Dragon is a intoxicating concoction of blended whisky, Benedictine, homemade orange bitters and fresh lemon juice that keeps you going for more.

Ti-Lung Bramble @ RM32.00

Drinking cocktails have never been so exciting until I meet the twisted classic cocktails at Opium. Beautifully presented in ceramic pot and a wooden gold tray, the cocktails are brilliantly paired with groundnuts and wasabi peas. How can you resist this sweet concoction of gin, lemon juice, dragon fruit and creme de cassis?

Concubine's Batida @ RM28.00

Concubine's Batida tastes very familiar to me as I am a fan of fruit-infused Brazilian caipirinhas. The taste of pineapple-infused cachaca gives a distinctive cachaca taste plus the refreshing flavour of lime juice.

Other alcoholic drinks include draft beers, house wines (White and Red) as well as spirits.

Mango Assam Boi @ RM15.00

For non-alcoholic drinkers, there is no reason to fret, because you can still enjoy the sweet pleasures of unique mocktails. Similarly, Opium has reinvented its range of special mocktails with added Asian touch in it. 

Salted Preserved Lime @ RM12.00

Served with pudina leaves, the salted preserved lime (咸金桔) is another best-selling mocktail because of its salty, fragrant ingredient with a hint of sweetness. Definitely a great thirst quencher before we begin our gastronomical adventure of the evening.

Other beverages: Fresh juices, coffees, soft drinks, Teh Tarik, oriental teas in pot

Opium Scallop (2 pieces) @ RM12.00

For the starter, we have a new item on the menu-- Steamed scallops with soy sauce and garlic oil. Sitting elegantly on the half shell, the scallop beautifully retains the rich taste of its succulent white flesh, and is an excellent pick-me-up if you are looking for something healthy and light to nibble on. 

Fighting Cock Wings (3 pairs) @ RM18.00

Chef Teo, a Portuguese-Peranakan also recommends us the only alcoholic and non-Halal snack at Opium-- 3 pairs of chicken wings well-marinated with Bourbon whiskey. The sweet spicy chicken wings receive an extra kick of spiciness when dipped into Hoisin sauce with Habanero peppers.

Chicken Satay (6 sticks) @ RM18.00

The deliciously-spiced grilled chicken satay is always a huge hit with any crowd at almost all hours. I usually prefer boneless and skinless chicken thigh meat that makes the satay more succulent, moist and tender. And I am glad that Opium has done it perfectly the way I love it. Best savored with tangy sweet peanut sauce, cucumber, onion and rice cake.

Fern Leaf Salad with Grilled Prawns @ RM24.00

Another noteworthy dish for sharing is the wild fern leaves (Pucuk Paku) salad injected with local flavours as I notice the generous application of sambal, ginger flower, shallots and coconut flakes. Enhanced by a zing of lime and subtle nutty flavour brought to live by a burst of hemp oil, the salad is less earthy in flavour and definitely tempts your palate!

Angus Rendang with Lotus Leaf Bun @ RM38.00

Another evident harmonization of Eastern and Western flavours can be seen from the Wagyu beef rendang served in a hot pot and kept warm throughout meal with direct flame from beneath. The tender chunks of aromatic beef is a well-thought through dish as it imparts all the flavours and aromas of local spices without overwhelming the senses.

Cod Fish in Curry Sauce with Poppy Seed Rice @ RM38.00

To my delight, Opium's curry hits all the right notes. Chunks of crispy cod are well-suffused into coconut curry gravy which gives a richer and thicker consistency than elsewhere, all thanks to a higher ratio of coconut milk. Nevertheless, the curry is nicely done without overpowering the eggplant and beans.

Opium Fried Rice @ RM28.00

Hungry explorers may also indulge in this new dish on the menu-- A well-cooked, flavour-packed and interesting combination that wows the diners just by its presentation. Loaded with fried anchovies and minced chicken, the black color of the fried rice comes from generous application of squid ink.

Crowning the dish is the crispy and light soft shell crabs sitting on slices of papadom. The crustacean is well-complemented with the rest of the ingredients such as soft boiled egg, cucumber and chilli paste. Overall, the unique marriage of tastes is able to tickle all the 5 senses, so enticing that I would revisit for more!

Cheesy Banana Fritters @ RM18.00

As sweet notes to end off the meal, we have the special version of Opium's interpreted banana fritters which is breaded with aged cheddar cheese. I'm surprised that the homemade banana ice cream is loaded with chunky frozen banana in it. What a perfect combination of ice cream and real fruit on a sprinkle of coconut flesh!

Special Opium Ice Glass @ RM18.00

If you're craving for some local flavours, here's a beautiful rendition of the famous Ice Kacang. Here it is presented with a tall glass with layers of colorful condiments-- From Gula Melaka and grass jelly at the bottom, followed by mung bean paste, coconut milk and corn forming the middle layer, to having shaved iced, water chestnut, basil seeds, peanuts and coconut ice cream as the topping.

Definitely a colorful dessert that never fails to whet the appetite!

1. An amazing dinner at Opium KL and we are truly blown away by every single detail of the restaurant, cocktails, food and dessert.
2. I appreciate the usage of top-notch quality ingredients in each and every dish such as Wagyu beef rendang, chicken thigh satay and expensive alcohols for the cocktails.
3. I think that one of the great things about a restaurant is not only the delicious food but also its ability to build a story and bring back memories. Love the thoughtful names for each drinks and elaborated decorations that tells the story about old Shanghai.
4. Recommended dishes? Well, I couldn't decide. In fact, all of them are signature items and highly recommended for both locals and foreign diners alike! 

50, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2142 5670
Website: www.opiumkl.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/opiumkl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/opiumkualalumpur
Business Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 4pm – 1am
Friday - Saturday : 4pm – 2am
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