31 December, 2022

Thank You 2022, Next 2023!

If I were to summarise 2022 in one sentence, it would be:
“2022 has been the most eventful year of my life.” 

❤ ❤ 
The year I turned 30,
The year I had many of my first time:
- Falling very sick and having shingles on my face
- Being hit by Covid-19 after years of escaping from it
- Getting braces (plus all the tooth extraction procedures)
- Quitting my first job in life after 6 years 8 months of growing there
- Having a short & sweet family trip including the little one after so many years
- Relocating to a different country for work
- Renting a place and living on my own  

❤ ❤ 
January – June

I honestly couldn’t remember a thing on whatever happened in the first half of the year, until I re-read my earlier diary. My life back then was just too hectic for all 7 days of a week – 5 days of being a tax consultant and 2 days of being a content creator – and the vicious cycle was no joke. Now that I did a self-reflection on this I realised how drained and unhealthy I was, both physically and mentally.

July – August

July did not just rain but it poured. I was having shingles on my face and eye area, and it continued with one-week home quarantine due to Covid-19. It gave me an unintentional break from all the work I have on hand – an opportunity to recover my health, rethink my path and reorganise myself.

It was a terrible month to wake up and look at my ugly self in the mirror. But it also reminded me to be extremely thankful for having overwhelming love and support from people around me.

Thanks to the social media, there were so many people sharing their stories on shingles with me. Some even checked on me regularly to ensure I am physically and mentally alright. Such genuine care and friendships over the screens are tremendously rare, and I am truly grateful for this. 

My homies 


19 October 2022 was my last physical day of working in the big family. I will miss this place which I proudly called my second home for the past 6 years and 8 months, since 15 March 2016. The place where I grew from zero to something. The place where I left my heart at. 

Again, I am really thankful to have met kind people here, who have always been generous in investing their time in me, equipping me with the knowledge and skills that stay with me for life. From the first day of working, never would I've expected that I can stick around for so long! Despite all the stressful days and late nights, I still enjoy every bit and piece of the job. 

Here is exactly the place where all the good memories remained – all the TaxAway Days, group dinners, games, celebrations, farewells, etc. And most importantly, the beautiful friendships that will always remain. Thank you for the memories!

November – December

Leaving Malaysia on 30 October 2022 for a new journey is probably one of the biggest life-changing decisions I have ever made. I am glad that the closest ones at home have been immensely supportive. The country has been amazing, and I have been adapting well to the new lifestyle, people and environment.

❤ ❤ 

How I feel about 2022

All in all, it has been quite a bit of journey throughout the year, which makes 2022 a pretty interesting year! Honestly, it is true that we can only plan for the future to an extent until the unexpected surprise arrives. Uncertainties and fear for change are definitely part and parcel of the process, but so are courage and growth. 

During good days, I’d count my blessing for what life has showered me with. Whereas during bad days, I’d remind myself to stay focused on my objectives and things will be fine eventually. Now, being able to have my own mental and physical space is an important realisation that came from this experience.

Many often compliment me for being brave and independent, as I can manage a lot of things on my own. But deep down in my heart, I am still a little girl who is still learning to live a satisfying, exciting life independently. Thank you amazing friends and family who have been giving me unconditional support and lending a helping hand whenever required. I couldn’t be more blessed than having you in my life.

2023 and beyond

I don’t know what the future might hold,
I don’t know how the next few months (and years) will unfold,
But I want it to be brighter and better than what I had imagined.

Keep shining as much as you can,
one day that abundance of light will come back to you.

Believe in yourself, and
Live your life to the fullest potential :)

❤ ❤ 

Signing off 2022,

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