Thursday, April 30, 2009

It was two days ago
when I was told that I got 35 for Biology.

It was yesterday
when people started telling me
not to be upset over it.

It was this morning
when people asked me for my Biology marks
although they already knew it.

Individual A said,
“I get few marks lesser than you niaaa.
You get 35 only right?”
Individual B said,
“Har? 35 meh?
I thought change already?”

20 + 26 + 9 = 35
What a smart calculation.
I was so shocked
that I got such LOW marks.

Luckily there were corrections,
Luckily she counted wrongly.

And my Biology has improved by 3 marks
Compared to the previous Intervensi.

Honestly I hate people spreading news
bout my Biology marks.
Don’t ask me how much did I get
if you just want to tease me.
[although you didn’t get anything better than mine].

“Fong Sze Hui only gets 35 lah,
so we are considered good enough already!”,

they said.
YOU are one of them,
Come ‘on, admit it!

Teachers drive me even sicker,
Some ask me for my Biology marks
Coz’ they know I got low marks
For Intervensi 1.

Some are worse!
They spread it around
as if it is the juiciest gossip in the world
= =

Oh please.
Don’t you have any better thing
to talk about?

I am just a student,
Not the king’s daughter.
So YOU don’t have to
exaggerate over this!

Do you know?
You made me feel like
I am the stupidest one
in the world
when everyone knows
my result except

[that is not only for Biology,
it includes MORE]

I hate this drama,
[P/S: I don’t fucking care if you’re my best friend]


Enough of yelling =X
Thanks BestieFarah for advising,
I know
I should turn deaf ears to THESE

=D and her ajaran agama
seems to work on me!
After all the falsafah agama,
I indeed felt better :)

Heart you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Since I have plenty of time today,
I decided to update bout yesterday again :D

*The flyer (:

*The crowd. We sit almost at the back T_T

5H gang (:

The pencil and eraser are provided for this quiz.
Calculators are NOT allowed @_@

The hall is LARGE!

A tour to the lab (:

*Students pursuing the course of Culinary Arts (:

We were so into it! =D

Experiments (:

The library! :)

*Our tourguide (:

My medal (:

Only a consolation prize ):
But to be one of the 50 people who won
out of 460 people is not bad right? (:

Monday, April 27, 2009

=D Intervention II has ended.

According to the book of words, Intervention is the action of intervening to improve a situation. Anyway how do you think bout this exam? --- Something that can improve your situation? Or just another test, which requires you to search for the paper everywhere, spreading it around, or to burn the midnight oil, searching the answers from A to Z?

Awww. I knew this doesn’t work. I knew it was bad enough because I would have nobody or no pre-given paper to rely on during SPM ): It is really the time to make a step, I am lazy that I have had to admit =X But anyway less blogging would be my first, best step to move--- coz’ I really spent way too much time to blog, to edit and upload pictures. Sighhhh…

Byebye Fever and Sorethroat! Thanks to Mr. Murugan’s Panadol and I got much better (: *Although I didn’t have you delivering medicine to my doorstep like how you did few months ago, yet I could recover by my own. I don’t need you anymore, be glad

Goodbye Intervention II too! But… the bad news is Mid-term is just two weeks away from now! Oh how fast time flies. Once again I feel like I am back to my old ordinary life…

You tend to ignore me once again.

Friday, April 24, 2009

。04 23 2009

The celebration.
It was supposed to be a surprised birthday party when we hid inside Spell’s house with a birthday cake. But his reaction was not as shocked as expected because he sort of knew that we were going to his house. Also, HE DID NOT DARE TO WEAR SHORTS because of this! xD

(: His sweet Mum sent me home and while on the way, we discussed bout my future plan--- OMG I am feared of this topic =X That night, I heard from Spell that Yaki-Yaki is not bad, but I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it because Pn. Lam got me involved in joining some quiz at KDU next Tuesday ._.

。04 24 2009

Only 12 of us are present today, and 5 of us went home halfway. I met Ms. Vun when I was walking down the stairs, carrying my bad. OMG!! Panicked, but she didn’t stop me. I heard that JJ wrote the names of the missing ones in that book. Awww, whether we would be taken disciplinary actions on Monday, let’s pray hard to God from now.

The guavas.
The fruit vendor came to school today and teachers were rushing like mad to buy fruits. And DaddyLoke bought me these :D He talked to me bout my future plan == OmG AGAIN! He told me to pursue my studies in Accountings --- it is exactly the same idea from my Dad too.

OmG Accountings? Shall I? o.O

Famine camp.
P/S: Anyone joining again this year?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy SpellmanChoyYewChoon's Day! xD
Yep. This day belongs to him LOL!

There we are, wherever we go :D
You just told me that we hadn’t been hanging out together for quite some time.
True. And it’s time for us to celebrate your big day again! (: Hope it turns out great.

Another day to go,
To 24 April 2009.
Happy 17,
Szu Wah aka WahJie
...and also Sum Yee!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Was busy with studying Editorial job today.
Got scolded by the Teacher X again LOL,
For her information,
I also didn't like last-minute jobs but I had no choice (:

Oh exam?
I didn't study again, coz' I am busy blogging again LOL!
I didn't know why did I loveeeee blogging soooo much during exam week =X Even Spell found me weird to online during this week LoL.
Biology and Physics tomorrow.
I knew I am studying at eleventh hour AGAIN!
I didn't expect much for Biology tomorrow,
perhaps something around 59 like the previous result would be fine to me :(
But luckily there's something I am awaiting for tomorrow!
:D Yep. The bestie's birthday.

*Hope the disaster between *that person and I ends soon

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Silly Tuesday I had.
Dead in History [as expected = =]

Went for tuition classes as usual.
Felt kinda uneasy during classes [IdunnoWHY]
Went home to change after class,
and then followed him for dinner some cafe.

I only have a drink there =X
The ambience was great, just that I was not in mood :(
I didn't know WHY did I still sit and eat with him LOL!
I wanted to ask him everything I wanted to know but...
During that meal, we didn't really talk.
Just concentrated on our own food.
The tasty fish&chips turned out tasteless.
I was trying to figure out what was he thinking.
Not in mood.
Exam is tomorrow.
Nilai-nilai moral yang belum sempat saya hafal.
Yet I am blogging at this late night.
*pray* Don't talk to me please.
No more dinner / lunch / anything with him please!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday BestieFarah!
Her day is coming! Few minutes more to go (:

She asked me for a day out with her,
on the Sunday which had just passed.
But I don't know why it was cancelled suddenly ._.
Anyway hope she enjoys her BIG day!


I told few person how I fell down in PTK yesterday.
It was embarassing, but this is not important.
I hurt my butt, knee and RIGHT hand.
It was terribly painful .___.
I knew if Szu Wah was there, she would certainly help me to get up (:
And now that my hand got better,
managed to write once again,
although it is slightly slower.
Kei Yan, thanks for being my listener (:
Turtle, don't worry, I will still have my exam tomorrow

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang

Venue: SMK BBSP school hall
Time: 8.30 – 10.30 a.m.

*The stage has got a NEW image, if you notice (:

*Started with the dance =D

Luckily the boring speeches were not the first event to go = =

*New Yang Dipertua?? = =
Macam tak pernah nampak dia je...

*Look stupid eh?
I don't know why they took my silly picture of just standing there =X

*Our VERY polite Mr. Monitor =D !!

Look! Kwan Yew and Sanji were _____ =X

*This photo is specially taken for Fung Soon xD!!

*The Chinese poem (:

*Ling! With my blazer = =
SPM achievers only receive RM15 per 'A' they get,
compared to last year which RM20 is rewarded per subject with 'A'.
Stingy school! xD

*Ah Soo became 'prefect' too xD

*The End*

I know it is saddening to look at the photographs of the day. It is soooooo difficult for me to choose beautiful ones ):
No pictures of the Yang Dipertua PIBG coming into the hall [NONE at all??].
Not many CLEAR pictures.
Not many pictures of Yang Dipertua giving certs and prizes to students and teachers.There are loads of photos students and teachers standing like WOOD at the side of the stage [What are these??]
*Sorry to hear that you lost your camera. Still, Hope you do better next time (:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Combined Boards’ Day (CBD)
=D Date: 17 April 2009 [Friday]

Walked to Carrefour in a whole bunch of librarian except Boon Pin xD. Had McD there. Met Amy =DD!! But we were in a rush of time, that’s why didn’t manage to chat lots with her ):

LRT. Talked VERY loudly in the train, everyone seemed to be looking at us =X

*The hall here =D

Reached. Ushers were at the station, welcoming us. He said we were LATE == Paiseh =X~

*Registration... by Jenhoe (:

*Our door gift =D I lubb this (:

*All of us

Mr Wong. Remember him? Our former principal (:

Mr Brown I think =X

The backdrop (:

Kai Chi!! I think he didn't recognize me yesterday haha.

Boring talks. Going to end.And performances =D

P/S: I enjoy Spellman's singing MORE! xD

Took our own sweet time to take pictures around the school. Met Steven =D UberBadBoy owed me fish nuggets :)

Vivi made Boon Pin get HIGH xD!!

*The librarians!
Grab this if you want (:


We met Wai Sin too! Miss her (:

Macho BoonPin xD!!

Serious Jenhoe

Cute Jenhoe

Happy Steven =D !!

Oppsss I am the only Form5 here.

Another performance to go, before the games!
After the balloon games, we proceeded to form a large circle, to play the straw game == Many of the librarians went home, left WahJie, SookKuan, YeeWen, BoonPin, KahHerng and I niaaa ):

The balloon game (: it was exactly the one we played during Vivi’s party. Guessing a number correctly and being poured with flour. But this time it is pricking a balloon on top of your head, not that great as FLOUR! xD

*The MBS boys xD

Latin dance! haha. Best punishment ever xD!

Prize-giving (: Boon Pin and Kah Herng WON too!

Sadly, I didn’t manage to take the group picture ): It was toooo huge crowd over there.
But did took a photo with Jenhoe =D

Spot my signature xD!

Goodbye MBS! Had fun yesterday (:
Thanks Jen Hoe for inviting, for all these!
Thanks Steven for the game session (:
Too bad Louis was too busy around haha!
See you guys another time =D


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