27 December, 2010

His 18th

Greetings from the blogger ;D
Yay I'm going for naiseeee food again todae, and here's my look of the dae xP

Location of the dae:

Nihon Kai; Japanese Restaurant

No. 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong,
Off Jln Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Call 03-7982 3668 for reservation :)

Here's the menu.

This restaurant is VERY crowded during dinner time.
It is cozy and the best part is, they have tatami rooms!

Oyako Don @ RM11.00
Cooked chicken, egg and vegetables, with miso soup and rice

Sukiyaki Chicken Bento Set @ RM21.00

Ten Don @ RM13.00

My fave
Deep fried seafood and vegetables with miso soup.

The portion is, for me, quite huge that I couldn't really finish it ):

Crispy chicken ;D I don't remember how much is this =/

-Gigantic lighter from the restaurant-

Here comes the celebration part ;D

It's my cute high school friend's birthdae (:

I sort of suggested to buy cheese tiramisu cake when Keiyan asked me,
but I'm not that sure if he really likes it.

So.. they decided not to follow my idea, and bought a fruit cake.

But it ended up the birthdae boii indeed loves tiramisu last time, and cheese now! XD
Meaning that I didn't fail to be an ex-girlfriend 100% after all =P

Here's his sweet cake (:
From Tong Kee's Confectionery

Everyone has a strawberry!

Let's have a shot of him xD

The Nike bag; Birthdae present from all of us :)

FREE green tea ice-cream for all of us ;D

Once again, Happy Belated Birthdae to you :)


24 December, 2010

Merrily We Roll Along

I finally managed to visit One Utama on Christmas Eve.
Their Christmas decoration is indeed awesome as usual :)

Ho-ho-ho! Snow finally falls with the arrival of Christmas!
It's the best season in the whole year although there isn't much Christmas feel in Malaysia.

The decoration @ 1U for the year is English houses which really bring the Christmas feel ;
much better than the one in Mid Valley-- with only teddy bears and conifers

@Memory Lane. Papa Santa and Baby Santa are in town now.

Cute chocolates are so expensive there =/

Mr. J & I ; The best friend whom I've mentioned a thousand times in this blog.

I adore this fluffy teddy @ Lovely Lace.
It is RM59.90 with only 10% discount

:( Wanna get it home but can't.

FiSh ; Mr. J ; Mel

Melissa came back from Singapore for less than two weeks and she is kind enough to spare one dae to have fun with us although tonnes of assignments are awaiting her ;D

I love this carousel too :) It's incredibly pretty.

Jingle bells in front the door; Have you gotten yours?

Angels; They're always looking upon us.


21 December, 2010

Winter Solstice Festival

Dong Zhi (冬至) or Winter Solstice Festival is here again!
It falls on December 22, where the sunshine is at its weakest and the daylight shortest.

Like many ancient Chinese people, my Mama also emphasizes the importance of winter solstice as big as Chinese New Year. That's why we make this round flour ball called Tang Yuan (汤圆).

Colouring and sugar are added :)

But one thing that I didn't like is, some people love to add ginger into the tang yuan soup until it becomes extremely spicy =/

Mama actually made me this on Sundae, coz' I am not at home on 22nd.
Hmm.. Now I understand how people feel when they're away from home during festive seasons :(

And this is my project during the weekend.
Apparently it failed to the maxxx! Due to the ugly shaping and colouring = ="

Dear Chinese friends,
"冬至节快乐" & "Happy Winter Solstice Festival"!!!

18 December, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

Ho-ho-ho! The season is back again ;D
Let's celebrate it merrily with everyone around us!

How can the celebration begins without wonderful gifts?!

Speaking of wonderful gifts, this website absolutely comes into your mind, right?

It is JIPABAN.com which provides us a wide range of goods to be chosen from!
Do your online shopping now while I begin mine (:

Picture source: Jipaban Online Catalogue

Firstly I wanna buy myself this navy dots denim base laptop sleeve as Christmas gift.
I always want a chio laptop sleeve for my baby Dell :)

Hey Christmas is not always about myself!
Now I'm choosing the purrr-fect gift for my loved ones too ;D

Picture source: Jipaban Online Catalogue

Here's the one I've found :)

For HER: White dots on black laptop sleeve with white bow

It would be a perfect season if she owns a new, polka laptop sleeve while I get myself one too!

Okay now let me show you how polkalicious we are (:

Our handmade polka ribbon ;D

And also handmade polka cellphone string ;D

Look, and it's time to add this laptop sleeve to our POLKA Collection!

It costs only RM63.95 for such good quality, thick-cushioning sleeve.
It is really worth it, right? :D

I'd really hope to stuff the laptop sleeve into her Christmas socks during the Christmas Eve!
Please... Please grant me my wish, my dearest Nuffnang and Jipaban!

Hey readers, Christmas is coming really soon!
Be quick to choose your favourite gift for the loved ones at Jipaban now! ;D

15 December, 2010

Meteors; The Shooting Star 2010

I need sleep. Urgently.

Status: 3 am in the midnight Am still doing crazy stuff.

Thanks people for putting a like on my Facebook status!
Let me tell you the details of the midnight:

Time: 1am - 2am
Activity: Eating @ Mamak stall

Time: 3am - 4.30am
Activity: Star-gazing @ MMU Stadium

My friends and I really stayed up till 4 o clock in the morning to watch these shooting stars. Lying on the tracks of the stadium, with mosquitoes all around, can you imagine the itchiness? xD But it worths all when we managed to see the Geminid meteor showers!

Why stadium?
  • It is located at high ground.
  • No ceiling to block our view.
  • That's the widest place inside MMU.
It is the first time in my 18 years life
that I watch real, shooting stars! ;D

Meteors are beautiful, seriously.

Am looking forward to it again next year :)

12 December, 2010

Kindness Rules The World

I paid a warm visit to Taman Megah’s Handicapped & Disabled Children’s Home last few weeks, not only for the sake of my Moral assignment but also to really lend a helping hand!

Home sweet home, bloggers :)
They really gave us a warm welcome here.

Our job of the dae is actually quite simple: Just tutor them in English! :D

Okay I shall amend my words, our job could be simple, but it requires lots of patience!
Just think about how your teacher forced you to learn when you were in primary school.
So now you got my idea, didn't you? :)

This smart girl asked us about Mathematics of Form 1 level.

"How to change this to base 8?"

Shamefully, we really didn't know how to answer LOL! We had given every single bit of Maths knowledge to our former teachers =P

After the tutoring session, we had a group picture with the teachers there :)

-Decoration at the disabled home-

Freaking rich, right?
Then we moved to another home of theirs, just in walking distance,
to visit the unfortunate, disabled ones.

All the babies here have their own disabilities and require serious caretakers to look after them each dae. Anyone interested out there?

And they constantly depend on the medicine intake to control their health wellness :(

He is the person whom I've contacted to visit this home, Mr. Cheah.

Lastly, the final group picture with everyone there! ;D
We indeed left with a heavy heart :(

If you are interested to become a volunteer, or come to pass by PJ area, I'd really hope that you can drop by at this centre to contribute at least something there.

Here's the address: No.2 , Jalan SS24/10, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

Seriously, kindness rules the world!
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