28 August, 2011

Rendezvous Steak Garden (相见欢) @ Kampung Pandan

It’s celebration time for my all-time best friend’s birthdae :D

Location of the day:
Rendezvous Steak Garden (相见欢)
14, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

It is located near to Kg. Pandan roundabout, and next to Chateau De Caffeinees. As everyone knows that this is also the heavy traffic area. If you happen that you do not want to stuck in the traffic, you can just stop by this place for dinner.

The restaurant is an open-door one, with trees, fountains and light ornaments around the area.

The ambience here is quite nice and cosy. You can choose to sit under a tree, inside a gigantic bird cage, in a swing, etc... A suitable place for casual gathering with friends and family.

With a stage at the main gate of the restaurant.

Lots of nice, affordable Western food is offered in this restaurant! :D

By the way it is full of people at night, especially on weekends.

Menu of the day for some of us:

#1 Start off with this drink @ RM 5.90

#2 Grilled Chicken with Ham and Black Pepper Sauce @ RM 12.80

#3 Cheese Potato @ RM 6.80
It’s under “Kids Menu” by the way :D

#4 Crispy Fish and Chips @ RM 10.80

#5 Quite similar with the above one except the side dishes.

#6 Sizzling Chicken Combo with Tiger Prawn @ RM 18.80
P/S: Not recommended because the prawns are tasteless.

#7 Grilled Lamb Chop @ RM 15.80

#8 Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce @ RM 11.80

#9 Half dozen of Escargot @ RM 5.80

It’s Cake Cutting Time :D

The birthdae cake, New York Cheese from RT Pastry House


Another photo of us snapped at the washroom (As usual! LOL).
I love their mirror soooo much!

Here you see the girls’ power ;D

The present from us:
Pink tote bag from TeeToo;
Laced dress from ROMP;
Chiffon skirt from Ruffrey ID

Lastly our group picha :D
Thank you everyone for coming for this birthdae celebration!
Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves!

25 August, 2011

Eat, Stroll and Eat Again :D

Time flies. It was already 2 months ago when I last had a wonderful trip to Penang with my darling friends, the island with fantastic, tempting food which would definitely keep me failing to go on diet.

#1 First of all, the Penang Assam Laksa is the one I fancy the most.
This picture is taken at a food court, and I instantly fall in love with it!

#2 The fehmes Penang Har Mee. Another noodle of fame in this place.

The buildings give me a special feel :) It resembles reminiscence, by the way.

#3 I miss this especially.
Filled with banana, the warm, crunchy skin is awesome when I put into my mouth.


#4 Penang Poh Piah.
Can you see the news article there?
Even the TV programme “Ho Chiak” hosts have been there before to taste their awesomeness!

Saliva starts to drop yet? =P

#5 "Pai Tee". Another crunchy form of popiah.
This is special, since I can’t find it anywhere around KL and PJ.

#6 Even the most ordinary Chee Cheong Fun in Penang does not look ordinary at all.

#7 If you are familiar enough with the nice place and food in Penang,
You’d definitely pay a visit to this small shop for their famous Durian Ice-Cream.

Other flavours are also available, by the way.

Not to forget, the famous street of food.
Don’t ever look down at street-side food,
because it usually has the best taste of all! :D

#8 The Radish Cake. Tastes good as usual :)

#9 I bet this is the most familiar one to you.

Penang Char Koay Kak,
but honestly I personally don't fancy much of this.
It's just too salty, I think.

Anyway I start missing the food stuff here. They are just more than being awesome; they are far too fabulous than you’d ever imagine. This really makes me get jealous when I am not a Penangite who can always enjoy staying at this heaven of food.

Hope to visit Penang again next time! :D

21 August, 2011

King of The Fruits

Speaking of the king of the fruits, my saliva starts dropping :P

It may be a big no-no for some people who can't stand the strong smell of durians. But as for me, it's my favourite although I heard that it's a fattening fruit!

The durian season is coming to an end soon,
so quickly grab your favourite piece and ENJOY! :D

I bet we've all experienced the various innovations from a simple durian fruit--- Smart businessmen extract durian flesh and make into durian cakes, durian dodols, durian ice-creams, and the lists goes on with an abundance of countless DURIAN desserts!

Have you ever tried this?

3 for RM5.

"The one and only in Malaysia"!
It is available in Malacca, along the Jonker Street.
And once I ate one, I couldn't resist myself from eating the second, third one!

or happen-to-visit Malacca tourists,
Do Grab One and You Wouldn't Regret :P

#2 Fresh-made Durian Puffs! :D
Price is clearly listed at the above picture.

I think this is much more common in Malaysia, but I'd still love to try some.
Also available in Malacca (Oh Malacca is such a heaven of FOOD!)

The creamy durian puffs look awesome! :D

Wish to visit Malacca again next year during the durian season
to experience such awesomeness again!

16 August, 2011

Cute Technology

Familiar of this brand? I bet you do, right?

I bet you know what is this already! :D

Welcome to my

This pendrive is a gift from him =)
Specially delivered from Thailand,

Not available in Malaysia yet I guess.

Look at my kawaii rabbit =) It is smiling!!

So chio :D

Love it so muchieee!
It's okay even if it is not the latest 256GB pendrive,
because it is bunnyyyyyyyy!

YES, BUNNY wins all :)

I Love Bunny

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