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31 December, 2018

Welcoming Change in 2019!

HELLO 2019! ❤ 

Can't believe that 2018 is ending in a couple of hours time (at the point of typing this)! Every year around this time I'd do a "Year in Review" post, you can check out the rest of my posts in the past years here:

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In 2018, I think I have been more diligently updating this blog with my private posts so you can read the recap of the first 8 months (Jan-August) in two separate posts above. Now let's continue with the 9th month onwards....

My favourite trip of the year: MELBOURNE 

After two months of handling so much of stress, September marks a month of freedom and happiness where I get to fly to my favourite country, Aussie again! After Sydney trip last year, I am very much looking forward for another vacation in this Kangaroo-land.

Throughout this trip, we went to the most southern part of the island, stayed by the sea, drove over 1,000km, visited the most beautiful lighthouse in Melbourne, and tried a lot of local coffee and delicious treats. It felt great to be fully recharged and motivated after this trip.

Aussie would definitely be part of my 2019 travel plans! 

You can check out my Melbourne travelogues here:

October begins with a short weekend road trip, for both work and leisure. I am really impressed by this local cafe that serves magically beautiful coffee art. During my second visit, they even gift me a cup of latte with my face drawn on it. Impressive! ❤ The rest of October has been another busy month with work (again lol), so...let's move on to November, my favourite month of the year. 


Lovin' my 2-week holiday on my birthday month 

November, my birthday month, is full of blessings. I am really fortunate to be chosen by Japan Tourism Board to spend a week in Okayama and Tottori Prefectures and explore the beauty of nature, culture and food there.

The experience of travelling with 4 other famous social media influencers was indeed invaluable. The best part is, it marks my first time travelling to Japan and it is autumn season there which means I can watch the golden red autumn foliage everyday!

Throughout the trip, we traveled from central Osaka all the way to the seaside of Tottori, covering one of Japan's most beautiful ocean, sand dunes, highland, countryside and city. Ah, I kinda miss Japan now!

You can check out my Japan travelogues here:

Returning from Japan, I flew immediately on the very next day to Hong Kong for my first ever visit to Hong Kong Disneyland on my birthday! Special thanks to the sponsor for a memorable experience of watching the skyline from 100th floor at sky100 Observation Deck.

Hello dear Mickey, Minnie and Duffy. Thank you for the magical birthday!

It's time for our annual Christmas gathering!

December is another month filled with joy, fun and blessings. It marks my 2 years 9 months working with this awesome bunch of people. Work isn't easy over these years, but I am glad to be able to learn and grow so much here. Happy to continue this fulfilling journey with you guys! 

December also marks my first time being a bridesmaid (excluding my own sis' wedding 5 years ago) 
Happy to see both our friends tying the knot. Happy marriage #LXEC!

....and the year ends with our annual gathering with my craziest bunch of good friends!
Happy to recharge myself and catch up with some old friends during my 10-day break this year.
Thank you guys for making time to meet up although I know everyone is busy with his own path :)

In a nutshell, 2018 has been yet another smashing great year that I feel really very thankful for.

Thank you God for blessing me with another successful milestone in 2018.
Thank you my family and friends for the unconditional love and support.
Thank you to every single person / company I have worked with thus far,
for trusting me and allowing me to produce better work each day.
Thank you to those reading this for your continuous support at

2018 In A Nutshell
❤ Travelled to 5 countries
(Bangkok, Bali, Melbourne, Japan, Hong Kong)
❤ Went for 3 sponsored trips (2 overseas, 1 local)
❤ More working opportunities with big, international brands
❤ Countless number of first-time experiences
❤ Shed some weight and gained confidence
❤ Gained plenty of new, valuable friendships
❤ Bought something big with my own savings


All I want for 2019 is....

Leave the burdens and unhappiness in 2018,
let's start afresh in 2019 and fuel ourselves with positive vibes!

May 2019 be yet another amazing year ahead.

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