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03 January, 2020

FiSh's Diary: Second Half of 2019

HELLO 2020! ❤ 

2020. The big twenty-twenty is here. As much as I wanted to say that 2019 has been a smashing good year like the past years, I must honestly admit that I did better in 2018. By saying "doing better", I mean the days in 2018 were brighter and happier :) Don't get me wrong, 2019 has been amazing nevertheless, with different milestones achieved and new countries travelled.

Here are the annual recaps I did since 2014: 

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Now, continuing from my last recap of the first half of 2019, 
let's go to the second half of 2019! 

 Welcome to the paradise of Khao Lak! 

July kicked off with a sponsored 4D3N vacay to Phuket. I had an amazing stay at La Vela Khao Lak (Feel free to check out my review and full itinerary!) and did my first Michelin Guide food hunt! I personally loved exploring Phuket's townscape with so many beautiful architecture and vibrant cafe hopping scenes.

Another significant life event which happened in July 2019 was the ACCA New Member Recognition ceremony, which marks the completion of my 36-month practical experience. Proud to be an ACCA Member now with my bestie :') Hard work pays off, sweetie!

Had my best trip ever to Genting this month. Well, August signifies a huge change in my day-to-day life. The 5 months that followed had been a real challenging roller coaster ride, filled with plenty of laughter and tears. May the months and years to come be a smoother journey ahead :') 

Omg, it was my virgin trip to Cameron Highlands in 27 years, can you believe it?! Happy to spend the long weekend with people I adore, enjoying piping hot steamboat under the chilly weather and special lavender ice cream amidst the romantic blooms. Looking forward to having more road trips like this :)

Hello, Chiba! 

Here comes the most exciting month of the year because I was flying to Japan again! So blessed to be treated for a fully sponsored 5D4N trip to Chiba, Japan. This trip has indeed changed my perspective towards Japan (I realise travel partners really matter alot!) and I fall in love with Japan already! 3 prefectures down, 44 more to go lol let's do this. 

The birthday. Always blessed. 

Another great opportunity came in - I was one of the speakers in Japan Travel Fair organised by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Happy to spread my love for Chiba to everyone who came to the travel fair. 

Here comes my favourite month because I can always feel the magic of Christmas from the sparkling trees, glowing crystals and dazzling stars. Everything feels extra beautiful this month 😛 

...and an impromptu road trip to Ipoh before we bid goodbye to Malaysia for 2019. A lovely weekend well-spent on street food hunting and pampering at Herbaline Wellness Sanctuary Ipoh. My review is up, so do check it out! 

Last but not least, 2019 ended with beautiful firework show in Taipei 101.
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....and HELLO to more challenges in 2020!

No "new year resolution" or special goals this year.
Just live every day with a happy heart 

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