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31 December, 2023

Dear Diary | Recap of 2023

 Hi, December! 

It's a wrap for 2023! Time to revisit the monthly diaries I have penned down here:

❤ May 2023;
❤ June 2023;
❤ July 2023;

Christmas Floating Forest @ The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands

It's the magical month of joy and sparkles! ❤ Lovin' the vibes here.
Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.  

02.12.2023 | The first weekend of December started off well with several meetups with old and new friends. It felt like being a tourist once again, visiting the iconic places in Singapore. 

Such beautiful view from SkyPark Observation Deck, Level 57 of Marina Bay Sands.

Merry Christmas, Penguins! 

Christmas came early this year with this super fluffy baby. I secretly told Santa that he doesn't need to bring me any presents this year - being happy is the only thing I ask for. Anyway thank you Santa for this puffy plushie! 

12.04.2022 - 18.12.2023 | Happy to be back here to the place where magic began.

16.12.2023 | Homebound. Happy to be back home for year-end break and enjoyed the lovely moments with my dearest family and friends. And here we were again in CC by Mel - it had been 1 year 8 months since our last visit here. Things hadn't changed much in this lovely cafĂ© - food had been consistently amazing and I enjoyed the vibes here.

Yet for the past 20 months, it felt like magic had happened on me - so beautiful and unforgettable. Thanks for the memories! 

Christmas celebration with dearest fam @ Putien

Happy to have our year-end family gathering before we meet again in 2024! It was a heart-warming Chinese meal in Putien, with a Christmas-themed cake which got the waitstaff puzzled on what occasion was this family celebrating. It sounded odd, but we were in good spirit and mood being able to spend quality time together. 

Christmas Day in Kuala Lumpur

Spending this year's Christmas in the city centre felt a little different this year and it reminded me of those younger days where I always wanted to try the signature Valrhona Chocolate Cake in Grand Hyatt. Thanks for the lovely experience! 

Boxing Day | Dinner at Entier French Dining

Blessed to be able to spend some quiet and happy moments here in Entier; the food is simply amazing -
Prawn & Chorizo, Foie Gras Stuffed Quail and Seared Salmon with Sorrel Cream 

Kaohsiung bound ❤ | Best way to end 2023

The year ended with a 7D6N solo trip to Kaohsiung - which I felt glad that I made it there and met so many Taiwanese friends along the way. It was a rewarding trip for myself - to discover what I really want in life, to make up my mind on what matters the most to me. 

2023 in a nutshell

2023 marks my first full year working and staying in Singapore.

I am blessed with several people in my life who are constantly giving me unconditional support and bringing me simple happiness on a daily basis. I am blessed to have the sweetest person being my most loyal companion throughout the year. 

I am blessed that people at work have been treating me well and never shy to lend a helping hand whenever I need them. I am blessed that work life is a lot more comfortable now as compared to the good ol' days in Malaysia. 

I am blessed that I made 5 overseas leisure trips this year - twice to Japan (spring in Tokyo and summer in Ibaraki, Atami, Kawagoe and more), twice to Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket), and once to Taiwan (Kaohsiung).

I am blessed that I get to fly home every month for my dearest family and for the dental appointments. I am blessed that the braces journey has been smooth sailing thus far, and I am getting closer to the finishing line each day.

I am blessed for all the lessons I learned from the heartbreaks and disappointments, which make me a stronger person now. These lessons are harsh but life changing :) 

❤ ❤ 
Have a blessed and happy year in 2024!


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