Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before I leave…

Heyya ;D I’m leaving on 18 February 2010 (Today!), at 3.30pm.
3 more hours to go from now.

Will be back on the 14th of March--- only 25 more days to go!
Do remember the blogger always

With love,
FiSh }}} XOXO!

Yesterday, the fourth day of CNY, we had our bai nian session around the houses in Sri Petaling. Picture is taken at our first destination, JM’s house. Thanks JM’s Mama for shooting such a nice picture and the pizzas ;D

We only managed visiting 5 houses--- JM, Bunnie, Yong Han, Kheng Yang and Shin Mei. And all we did in the whole day is gambling, gambling and gambling!

Drinking session at 吹水站 with a bunch of old mates (:

Drank beer =X Luckily there is no road block along the way home.
Sorry that I have to leave early. Reached home a quarter past 12 midnight.
Again. Hadn’t had enough sleep before since my return to the home sweet home.

I heart you, Tiger Year for bringing me lots of red packets!

I felt kinda.. reluctant to actually leave this festive season,
coz’ I would not be having the same festive mood inside the camp.
I promise I would miss you as much as you do miss me, best friends! (;

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome, TIGER♥!

*Pictures taken at Dong Zen Temple
The Year of Tiger 2010 officially starts today!

Yes it is that time of the year again! Where you get Ang Pow, dried meats, plenty of food and tonnes of tidbits! Of course, I remember once upon a time we actually had firecrackers and fireworks to add to that list... but well... that's becoming increasingly rare now~

"Special thanks to Mr. Murugan for calling me up just to wish me Happy CNY.
It’s not easy to have a tutor who doesn’t forget to catch up with me all the time
although I am no longer his student this year."

The reunion dinner last night was similar to the year before.
Supposed to go to the temple early in the morning but I woke up late, so Mama left me at home.

Routine of the year: Going to Klang for the whole day.
;D The blogger had a great day of eating today.

The must-have--- Lou Sang.

Oh PORK! I heart it way too much, for not being to eat this for a month!

The first day of CNY is imperfect without shandy, coz' I terribly hate beer =X

帆风顺,龙腾飞,阳开泰,季平安,福临门, 六大顺,星高照,方来财,九同心,全十美,事亨通,事吉祥,事如意

P/S: Happy Valentine's Day
Thanks for the pressie; I was silent, I didn't know how to respond.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

High school mates, I miss you!

Chinese styled reunion dinner.
At Restoran 88, OUG; 8pm.
With 15 handsome guys and pretty girls, stuffing ourselves around one table.

7 dishes, along with wine. The celebration has just begun!
It had been so long since I last ate pork =X

Just a month of not seeing them, everyone seems to have led their new life and undergoes positive changes.
But one thing doesn’t change--- The vulgars.
Hahahs! Long time of not hearing these already xD! Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful dinner!

Separated; The four of us who struggle our life in PLKN camps.

It seems like their camps have more social ills than mine,
and I am so glad and fortunate to be placed to Kem PLKN Paya Indah for God’s sake.
It is almost H-E-A-V-E-N when to be compared to others.

Hahas. He finally agreed to take photograph with his SHINY head :D
Nice experiencing bald head in National Service.

Hair grows quickly, if you realize (:

We chatted till almost midnight at the restaurant, until the workers told us to leave coz’ they need to tidy up the place already. Khuan Jin couldn’t gather with us there, but he called via 3G from Penang to see us ;D How nice of him!

Headed to Fung Soon’s house after the reunion dinner.
Cheekuan and Vivian didn’t come along coz’ they need to go back to their hometown early in this morning.

Darlings are busy chatting and taking photographs, but… Spellman was sitting there, emo-ing.
I hope the rainbow over the clouds could appear in your heart soon

I really talked a lot throughout the night!
Perhaps it is because I hadn’t been speaking that much of Cantonese for the past month.

The night ended as soon as more and more people are going home.
As usual, Yang fetched me home, and reached home around 1.45am.

Slept around 2.30am last night this morning (first time of sleeping that late in 2010 so far!).
And have had to cancel the outing with Steven coz’ I was darn exhausted.

Lastly, thanks Vivian, the great organizer for bringing me this much of fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My January 2010 in camp

Disclaimer: What I’m going to write are my personal experience and thoughts.

Everyone knows that, if you’re enrolled in our country’s National Service programme. Other than having 3 months of Malaysian-PLKN-style-training, you’ll have 6 meals a day too. So, lots of people argued about the outcome of PLKN. Some say, we will become fat, some say the opposite…

Let’s take a look at the time table for each meal…
· 6.30am – Morning exercise
· 7.30am – Breakfast
· 8.30am – Class
· 10.30am – Tea break
· 11.00am – Continue class
· 12.30pm – Lunch & rest (on Friday, 12noon)
· 2.30pm – Physical Class (on Friday, 2.45pm)
· 4.30pm – Tea Break
· 5.30pm – Recreation
· 6.30pm – Dinner
· 7.00pm-9.00pm – Prayer for Muslims
· 9.00pm – Night activity (Watch DVD; Talks; Games)
· 10.30pm – Supper
· 11.30pm – Lights off

As you can see, I get a chance to fill your stomach in an average 2 hours. We just don’t have the time to feel hungry.

According to my Camp Commander, the meals are set by JLKN and every camp in Malaysia are having the same set of diet. For example, if you’re having a chicken rice lunch, other camps are having the same too.

The foodstuffs are all HALAL, but sometimes the menu varies from Malay food to Chinese food. For example, the herbal chicken we Chinese used to eat. But my camp trainers said Selangor camps serve the tastiest food in the whole Malaysia, yet lots of people are complaining about the food

Yeah right. I am getting fatter and fatter :D

The routine Sunday. Carried out our beds to get them some sunlight and kill germs. Mopped the cement ground of our dorm. And cleaned our kolam mandi. Everyone simply worked hard to keep the whole dorm clean and tidy!

Since the very first day in camp, I keep a diary, jotting down the activities I did each day. Surprisingly I am writing less and less of complaints as days go by.

3 Jan – 10 Jan: Almost free all the time, no activities yet.
11 Jan: KKJ (Kontrak Kita Janji) presentation for my Charlie group :D
19 Jan: Last day of Module 1 of Character Building class. Shedded tears for having to separate with the people.
25 Jan: Fell sick--- throbbing stomach pain and nausea.
26 Jan: SPOT CHECK in dorm! *scared*
27 Jan: Rakit and kayak day!

28 Jan: Juggling performance day
29 Jan: Drama performance in class
30 Jan: Karaoke at the hall
1 Feb – 4 Feb: Program Integrasi, lecturers from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa came
5 Feb: Musical sketch on stage
9 Feb: Kembara Halangan day. *tiring!*
10 Feb:
Visit to Paya Indah Wetlands :D Fed hippopotamus with bananas
11 Feb: Flying fox!


Credits to Wen for editting this pictures.

Million thanks to the people in photo,
for keeping me alive and making me survive till the 40th day in camp.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kem Paya Indah; Tempat berputiknya cinta

My unkept dorm =X

Hey readers!
The blogger is back from the camp for this semester break a.k.a. CNY holiday!
Dad just drove me home this evening, after my flying fox activity around 5.30pm.

The biggest Chinese festival is only 3 days away, when I am still unprepared physically and mentally. Thanks darling Mama for buying me so many new attires for the festive season although I don't have chance wearing them all this week!

Here you meet my dormmates!

They're the loveliest people I met on Earth, thanks for their kindness and sweetness all the time. Initially I was sort of frightened when they speak Chinese in their daily life but soon after a month there I am able to communicate better with them (:

IU, Dorm 4!

The weekdays morning differs each day--- we had Modul Pembinaan Karakter, Modul Kenegaraan and Modul Khidmat Komuniti, where we meet people ranging from complete strangers to the bes tbuddy. And the Chinese books are all free gifts from the Buddha classes on every Thursday and Friday night. Those are meaningful but kinda boring though =X

Us, at the Dong Zen Temple (东禅寺)

Every Saturday is our day visiting the temple--- Helping out, listening to Buddha talks and praying. It is the nicest temple I've ever visited and I have blogged bout it before. CLICK to know more bout the place.

10 Good Thing I HEART in Kem PLKN Paya Indah
1. Delicious food
2. Free ice-cream on Fridays
3. Sweet dorm mates
4. Kayak & rakit activity
5. Flying fox!
6. 1Malaysia people
7. Being independent
8. Relaxing lifestyle
9. Beautiful scenery at night and before dawn
10. Character-building activities

P/S: Am going for gun-shooting session on 4,5 and 6 March. I just can't wait =D


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