Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to school; Hari Anugerah Cemerlang!

Our school hall is decorated beautifully this year, with the dazzling, colourful light bulbs with maroon carpet along the stairs. Even the banner of the event looks great here ;D

All the people attending for this event were invited to fill their stomach before the prize-giving ceremony. DaddyLoke told me this food was from Hilton Hotel, I mean the mamak behind Hilton LOL!

For the very first time, our canteen food was so mouth-watering! ;D I heart this lots, cheap and tasty enough to make my stomach bloated.

The huge crowd--- Both parents and teachers;
P/S: Spot my sissa.

I waited quite long before receiving my cert and cash reward. Chatting with the people I haven’t meet for the past three months, I feel that everyone changed a lot. And I’m surprised that you are already so kind to me (;

I already got myself to dress conservatively, so that the school staffs would not complain bout my attire. Yet they still made me wore a blazer, because I wore short-sleeved blouse =.=”

The group picha of SPM achievers of the school.
~We’re in need of CASH~

The pre-jumping shot. Finally we did our jumping shots and went to our separate ways. I headed to the mall after that, doing all the shoppings and spent away all the money I’ve got in just a matter of few hours.

P/S: Working again tomorrow. Off day on Wednesday.
Good luck to Sook Kuan! Your 2 months in National Service would be fun, I promise

Pictures creditted to: Wai Lun <3
P/S: You remembered my "<3" there xD

Friday, March 19, 2010

In search of rainbows over the clouds *_*

3 days of having no time to update my piinkiie bloggie, finally I decide today’s post would be a sort of long one. I put myself kinda busy with my future study plan.

Thanks to Jin Kuan for all the Taylor’s brochure, that made me realize that even with a scholarship of 50% I still have to fork out RM11k for just a business foundation =.=”

Gahh. I hate expensive colleges ;X

Diploma in Photography ♥♥♥

Seriously, I LOVE this! Very badly. So far I have gone through so many courses in every college yet this is the first one I found about photography. You should know how much I am into this field right? But Papa just wouldn’t allow me having this as my career ):

The very good friend whom I meet almost only once a year

Look, he has a gorgeous picture in both his L and P licenses. But my L license is terribly looking and fugly = =” Oh ya. I had my first driving license two days ago, and I promise myself that I would not be able to drive alone for my driving skill is horrible :X

For your information, you won't dare to sit onto my car when I drive next time = =

The landscape just doesn’t change ;)

It has been so long since I last took a ride on LRT. Yet the scenery there doesn’t change at all. I waited for him at the station nearest to his house, and went to Plaza Rakyat station together.

The landmark doesn’t change too ;)

We went across the busy street to Central Market, to get my passport photographs ready and also have lunch together. Surprisingly I met my darling English tutor at the entrance there. My old DiGi number now belongs to him = =” So whenever you call up that number, he will be the one picking up the phone. I would appreciate your greatest effort if you can stop smsing to my old number (:

My laksa Long time didn’t have Malaysian-styled food here.

Jen Hoe’s Maggi noodle with luncheon meat ;D

After lunch, we headed to Kasturi tuition centre to hand in our result. For the first time I see them being so hardworking on their desks. As promised, I didn’t upload the picture of your result slip. But still… Congrats on your straight 12As ;D

Mr. How, the Add Maths tutor

I finally got an opportunity posing with him. He is the only tutor there who actually remembered my full name. Amazing, but true (:

The timetable doesn’t change too ;)
Cikgu Rusli (BM tutor) still loves to cancel all his classes on most Wednesdays and Thursdays =X

We went for loitering again xD. Went to Popular Bookstore to chat, then continued to Mc D to chat again. I didn't know that McFlurry is so small in size already! Hey we really have lots of things to chat about after so long of not seeing you (:

Thanks best friend; You made me called it a day ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sleepless Nights

Now that I found myself being able to sleep better inside the camp. Ewww, what an awful, weird thought there. Hugging my BabyTigger each night, yet I couldn’t sleep well. I start to sleep late every night, around 2 a.m., leaving my cellie ringing without replying the text messages.

P/S: That’s why you find me disappeared after texting me in the midst of night.

I miss Kem PLKN Paya Indah!

Too bad, we’re not allowed to get into there again for Kumpulan 2 Siri 7/2010.

The days in the midst of March are terribly boring.
Till now I am spending hours and hours on Facebook, trying to meet new friends from my camp = =
Alright, I know it is lame to start knowing them now when the camp has already over.

Gah. Sorry for the image quality.
Used only my 2MP phone camera; I promise I will change a new phone soon!

I visited the 100°C steamboat restaurant quite often nowadays,
for the life now is all about eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping AND eating and sleeping only = =

I need to breathe in some fresh air out there!

I need a job badly.
I need cash promptly.
I need a P license immediately.

Any recommendations of JOBS? :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let’s get going!

The first destination: Sunway University College Open Day

Two gentlemen accompanied me to this college, so that I can enquire more on the courses there. I’m really keen on pursuing my studies here, but not anymore, after I saw the fee chart =X

On the way to Bandar Sunway…

Kaisheng was blurblur coz’ he just woke up.
He didn’t put on his safety belt although he sat at the front seat.

Two policemen in a car sped beside us
And asked us to STOP!

We parked aside.
“Tunjukkan kad pengenalan dan lesen anda”, he said to Yang.

The other policeman examined the road tax and boot.
While the policemen were doing their work,
We blamed Kaisheng for not wearing that safety belt =X!

After that…
The MyKad and license are returned, and we could continue our journey.
Without giving any penalty a.k.a Saman

Weird huh?
What happened actually till he stopped our car?
No idea.

Perhaps face problem xD!

Left Sunway University College before having some tea at their San Francisco Coffee Café. Then went to Mid Valley with starving stomach, so opted for Sushi King although all of us were trying to save money nowadays = =

The bill of 3 person meal was RM85, paid by Yang’s BSN Matrix-i.
Now only I know that the ATM card from PLKN can be used as debit card xD.

The Vorpal Sword; In Alice in the Wonderland

The seasonal decoration in the mall now is all about this movie. The centre point is so crowded with people taking photographs since it is a weekend, and I kinda wasted the chance to snap photographs that time =X But Steven promised me another day going there to take pictures together ;D [Please keep your promise =X]

The main purpose of going there is almost forgotten--- EDU fair ;D

People who went there were all busy looking at the brochures of colleges, listening to the consultation by the experts, walking around in search of their best path of future. BUT us… We went in heavily, and saw DiGi campus booth ;D Quickly rushed there, to buy new SIM card xD!

DiGi campus plan:
FREE internet after total usage of the month exceeds RM30,
FREE calls after exceeding daily usage of RM2,
FREE sms to 11 FNF numbers,
1 cent sms to DiGi number,
6 cent sms to other numbers,
25 cent per MMS, and
10 cent / 10 kb of data transfer via internet.

So we bought the very similar number, only the last number varies ;D

And for your information, I won’t be using the old number 0163067088 anymore.
Do kindly contact me for my NEW number if you didn’t get my SMS today (:

Friday, March 12, 2010

The only thing I regretted in life ♥

Just a picture of mine,
in case you've forgotten how I look after 2 months of my disappearance.

Taking the result seems scarier than sitting for the exam.
Everyone is still talking about it now.
I read blogs, where people just write out their result hugely on their page.

Flashback to yesterday.

9am: Breakfast with Yang, Carol, Keiyan, Lipkin and Kaisheng at Old Town.
11am: Collected result from school.

The first teacher I saw was Mr. Lim,
and the first sentence he said to me is “Don’t be sad kay?”

I sensed something was wrong there.
Thanks Carolyn for being the first one I hugged when I burst into tears.

I regretted for not mastering that subject well.
Having the most A+ isn’t a great deal, when there is a B+ ruining the piece of paper.

I didn’t take the interview, or being taken photograph to be put into the magazine.
Sorry for being oh-so-imperfect.

11 years of being the top student seems meaningless,
for at the end of the day I fell from the triumphant sky.

High expectations? No.
Although I fell, I would climb up again

People came around, asking me for my results.
"Hey, straight A's right?", the sentence sounds oh-so-expected.
I have had to brave myself, telling the whole world, hell NO.

For those who are really happy for your result,
I am proud of you! You've achieved what you want.
And do start planning your path of future ;)

Thanks to many people for calling me, to show your sense of caring---
Mama, Sissa, Jen Hoe, Steven, Mr. How and Mr. Murugan.

I then thanked every tuition teacher via sms,
And went up to the staffroom hugging my darling teachers.

I knew I have disappointed some of them.
Especially DaddyLoke and Mr. Murugan who are like my friends over these few years.

1.00pm: Lunch at Nando’s. Sat beside the birthday boy, Leonleeboy.

Yummms~ "Hot"? No. It is super spicy = =

2.30pm: Alice in The Wonderland! ♥
I rate only 4/10. Sorry, many from the 14 of us fell asleep halfway.

5.00pm: J Co. Doughtnut time.

I miss the free, sugary doughnuts in my camp. They're really tasty when just normal-looking. So this is my tea time, just like what I had in camp. Gahh. Obsessed over PLKN all in a sudden = =

Clockwise: Lipkin, Kaisheng, Keiyan, Khengyang, Szehui.
5 persons shared a cup of cappucino creme. Thank you, Boss Kaisheng!

7pm: Yum cha-ed.
Loitered around the mall while waiting for Carolyn to finish working.

9.30pm: Steamboat at Ho Ho with Yang, Carol and Kaisheng.
Only 4 of us; But there were a lot to chat about.
Being in the camp for 2 months made me missed a long list of occasions :(

11.45pm: Reached home. Finally.
Mama promised me a new cellie for my yet-to-be-perfect result,
meaning that my dream of having a DSLR had vanished into the thin air completely.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

B.A.C.K. forever ♥

Hey honeybees! I am back earlier, on 10th instead of 14th,
due to the early release of SPM result. Gah, and keep this sensitive SPM issue aside first = =
Let's talk about National Service in Selangor camp ;D

70 days of serving for the nation have gone by.
From meeting people from all walks of life to being independent,
there are always more than words to describe this.

FRIENDz ; The God-sent companions
P/S: Spot me!

They’re the colour pencils in my life---
They might not be my favourite colour but
each and every one of them makes my painting of life colourful!

70 days of being away from home taught me a lot. I remembered how reluctant I was to leave for camp after the CNY break. I won’t forget how many words of advice the darlings gave me when I was down.

L.O.V.E. [[[XOXO]]]

Special thanks to:
Kheng Yang ;)
For the every best thing he did throughout our oh-so-stormy 2 months. Thanks for the experience and text messages he shared every week; they indeed kept me survive! :D

San Kok ;)
For the never-get-bored calls sometimes. You’re a great listener during the teary days, no matter how busy you are with your university stuff.

A million thanks to the government,
For giving me such opportunity to experience
the pain and gain, the twists and turns & the ups and downs

'De memorais

The PLKN collection; I spent RM77 here for these photographs, DVDs, VCDs and autograph book.
It is once in a lifetime, so I shall say it is definitely worthy =)


  • Darker Richer skintone
  • Fatter Fuller body image
  • Hundreds of friends
  • Hundreds of valuable photographs
  • Kem PLKN Paya Indah Kump 1 Siri 7/2010 DVD
  • Telephone numbers! =X
  • Self confidence
  • Courage in presenting the best self
  • Independence, without family and cellie
  • Mosquito bites and marks =/
  • Untrimmed, messy hair T______T
  • Autographs from humans I met
  • Communicating skill
  • Speaking Chinese! ;D
  • Experience, experience and EXPERIENCE
  • Lifetime memories
  • Maturity, a soon-to-be great thinker
  • Knowledge, in whatever I never know before
  • Creativity! Left brain works
  • SMILES! :D

    P/S: Oh Jesus. 500 more pictures to upload. Patient, people ;D


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