30 September, 2010

Kao Liese Bubble Foam

Ta-daa! Finally it arrives at Malaysia! I saw this in Singapore last year during my family vacation but it costs $ 19.90, meaning RM48.80!

But now I bought this hair dye from Watsons at only RM 37.80 each ;D
Mine is on the left- Chiffon Beige while Sis’s is the right one- Marshmallow Brown.

Here are the stuff included in each box---
Hair cream, colour solution, hair lotion, hair dye guide and a pair of gloves.

No worries, everything is well-prepared for you ;D

Most importantly, it is made in Japan, the most reliable producer ever!

Noobs like me find this guide very useful!

And this too (;

I also bought this Liese hair cocktail @ RM 28.80 each!
Left: Before shaking ; Right: After shaking

It is useful to tame and moisturize dry hair ;D

Easy to be used!

I love you, Kao Liese Hair Product

Available in Watsons, Sasa, Jusco and Guardian! Grab now!

P/S: Will be updating the hair dye process and result soon.
Stay tuned, honeybees.

27 September, 2010

Music Star Search!

Location: Sungai Besi LRT station

Hello people ;D I am back from an audition of my best friend at Sungei Wang. The above picture was taken when I was waiting for my darling friends at the LRT station in our sojourn to the audition session. And it was edited into something like this, hoping to give you some lomo feel LOL!

This was the event organised by MyFM, Sungei Wang and other sponsors.

My bestie, contestant number 29 yesterday sang 你为什么说谎, originally sung by 丁当 ;D

And out of 40 contestants, half were eliminated.
He survived to the next round with other 19 contestants ;D

Just wanna share something with you guys here (;
Have a nice day!

24 September, 2010

Reality to memories.

Goodbye Final Exam #1 ; Goodbye Trimester 1!

Picture: My darling handmade Gggiraffe bookmark,
picture source from Toy'R'Us =P

But things that have passed couldn't be rewinded );
Just in one week, I have missed tonnes of events and fun with the people!
To list out some:
  • Shannon Chow's 20th Birthday Party @ 14/09
  • Project 1609 @ 15/09
  • Sakai's birthday celebration @ 15/09
  • Wendy & Fiona's Farewell @ 16/09
  • YEAH! MoonCake Celebration Night @ 18/09
  • 暮光之月九校中秋嘉年华 Nine School Mid Autumn Festival @ 18/09

I didn't know such a tiny exam costs me this much.
What a high opportunity cost (P/S: Gah, just couldn't get rid of Economics!)

My very first Trimester has come to an end; And these are my darling besties ;D There are more actually, but just didn't have a pretty group picture at the moment. Will show you guys next time.

Anyway, it's HOLIDAE ;D
Happy holiday to me, and all of you!

20 September, 2010

Of heaven of food, and hell of exam

Hello from Sakae Sushi!

It’s a blue delightful Monday and I’m just back from a fantastic lunch there. After a whole night drooling at the hostel, I thought of heaven when having this meal ;D

My main course --- Seafood Set @ RM 24.90
It comes along with Miso soup, Japanese potato and a bowl of rice.

Feel the freshness here ;)

Do you know?
Sakae’s salmon is air flown from Norway daily!
That’s why I fall in love with their sushi here (;

Kimchi Ramen; Suitable for Hot-and-Spicy lover!

Kimuchi Ramen @ RM19.90

But today my fish roe isn’t available again );

Think Sushi, Think Sakae.

Am having finals this week, thanks Mama for this nice meal! ;D
And of course, tags will be replied on this coming Friday!

After Friday, I am F-R-E-E-d from Trimester 1!
Awww… it is only the first trimester after all = =

15 September, 2010

13 September, 2010

Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Klang Lama, KL

An ordinary Chinese-styled dinner like this is good enough for me now,
I'm so sick of all the Malay food inside the campus .___.

Location of the day: A Chinese seafood restaurant along the Old Klang Road, KL

This is the address, if you'd like to pay a visit there (;

The service here isn't really good coz' their business was brisk and there is not enough waiters to serve us. We waited for almost half an hour for the first dish to be served.

Curry seafood plate ;D ;D
Not too spicy for me. You'd love it if you're a seafood lover.

This is non-halal. Pork ribs!
The sauce is nice; A bit of mayonnaise, thousand island, and something else that I couldn't describe.

Dessert of the day: Ice Kacang ;D

And this: Tau fu fah + Lychee ;D

I feel bad, readers.
Sorry for the lack of nice, luring and tempting pictures
coz' I didn't bring out my DSLR for the day.

I assume this as a not-so-proper update.
Will come out with an awesome update bout Hari Malaysia.
Be patient, huns! ;D

08 September, 2010


It sounds like a famous pasar malam phrase in which sellers yell to lure customers. Not every buy-one-free-one stuff is a good bargain, but this one.. the one I gonna mention is certainly a good one!

Ta-daa! My FreshKon gift bag.

They have a promotion recently--- buy 2 Free 1 for color fusion lens.
Sounds tempting? No-no, coz' I got this at BUY 1 FREE 1 !!!

I’m talking about the famous, comfortable lenses- FreshKon Color Fusion series!

Look carefully at the specifications.

Previously they have only 9 colours, but now the NEW 4 are awesome ;D

It is RM70 per pair in every optic centre you go, but last week I get it at only RM70 for TWO pairs!
Meaning only 35 bucks per month, not bad eh?

I chose brilliant brown. Hope it looks nice ;X

And I’ve gotten mine too ;D

Thanks FreshKon and Focus Point for the great deal!
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