Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon <33

The movie. I gonna miss this badly. I always wanted to be the first one watching this once it is on cinema, but The Big Exam deters me from doing so. To wait two weeks after the release, I wonder if it will still be shown on GSC during the midst of December.

Mega Sales! Being a shopping queen, I am certain that you wouldn’t want to miss this, right? X) Exam isn’t everything, so I made myself to Klang Parade, getting all the must-haves for the season!

This mall may seem to be a not-so-popular one, but the prices of everything [YES, every thing!] there are 25% lower than Mid Valley’s.

Dynasty Dragon Restaurant. Something like the posh Overseas Restaurant. The design is quite unique, with statue of ancient army placed at the entrance. Comfortable ambience, but the bill burns Dad’s pocket!

Shark fin’s soup, with the bowl-like melon. Yummmm~
I need this so badly to soothe the throat.

It happens to held a belly dnace competition when the family and I visit this shopping complex. And this is uh-oh-sexy winning team of the competition :)

The day would be more exhilarating without the next preparation for Biology, Principles of Accounting and Physics exam--- 8 papers altogether @_@!!

Work hard for the most important week, peepos! :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:D National Service 2010 list of places is out.

to check where are you been placed,
if you’re so lucky to be selected for PLKN like me =/

I am so speechless fortunate to be selected to be in Batch 1,
starting from 3 January 2010 to 14 March 2010.

And am placed in a real near camp from home :D
A place with mangrove swamp everywhere, wetlands and a sanctuary.
Now that I know it is one of the places of attraction in Malaysia = =

An awesome picture of Paya Indah.
But… Harap-harap jangan indah khabar sahaja

P/S: Gotta go for Addmaths Paper2 now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Graduation Album is updated again :D

Awww... The album is almost full now :X !
I have got all the CDs from Jeff,
and would distribute to everyone on Monday!
Gah. SPM-ing. Cafe-ing. Blogging.
7 more subjects to go. 16 more papers ahead.
It seems like the days have become part and parcel of my life.
Nothing extraordinary bout The Big Exam anymore.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Exam and you.

The good thing today: Four subjects have gone by :D
And the bad thing: EST IS IMMENSELY TOUGH! )":

I missed the moment of tuition classes T______________T... During the final class of Mathematics tuition, I skipped it again due to being lackadaisical at the moment. However, the tutor was kind enough to provide us the notes and the important information about exam.

This is the piece he distributed to every student :)

All the SPM candidates do not have much time left for preparation of SPM. At this eleventh hour, do prepare yourself mentally and physically instead of intellectually :D

The advice from experts:
Finish up all the past year questions and trial papers from all over Malaysia. But as for me, until today I couldn’t manage to finish everything yet because it was really too much to be done T_T.

Do take good care of your body and mind

T________T The upcoming weeks would be certainly a boring one without outings and parties. My self-discipline is very low that I can never refrain myself from touching the PC everyday, I really don’t know how am I going to survive through the tough weeks.

=) Written by an English man.

No matter how important exam is, do not get overly into the issue and abandon the people around you. I admit that I am so wrong because I am one of those who reduce keeping in pace with the loved ones around me :(

All the best in exams, people!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The most significant day ever.

November 18:
SPM. Sister’s 24.

:D the scenery is awesome! It was the best photo we ever took together, darling.

Finally the day has arrived T_T!

The timetable has been dumped at home for so many days that I don’t care much about it :X
But now… it is really time to look into this in detail.

The first day of exam begins with this. BM and History.

Awww. History is always the toughest one as we have too many things to memorize and read through. Plus nowadays I love wasting my time to blog and upload pictures until... I've totally forgotten that I actually have more to read about for SPM. This 3-letter abbreviation scares me off!

Colorful books! But I’m uninterested in all of them :X

Until now I haven’t get these done yet T______________T
I know it is a total failure because I don’t have the utmost effort to make myself really prepared for the exam. In fact, until today, I AM NOT WELL-PREPARED YET :(

*prays!* God, please bless me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The birthday @ Home

The mini aquarium, with added neighbours :D

The whole yesterday was a lil’ exhausting as I was in frenzy with all the celebrations and presents. At the late night, I realize that they brought me chlorine water instead of fish food = = This means the fish has no food for the whole day.

OMG I start to be anxious and text Keiyan and Kuiseong. No reply from him after waiting for half an hour. I finally fell asleep while starving the fishes :X Early in the morning when I woke up, “Eyh, how come got so many fishes liao de??”

Dad bought more fish into the mini tank :D And an anti-bacterial tablet to purify the water, and a bottle of fish food. Dad told me those are not cheap, when after that he told me he bought 11 fishes altogether, I know it is more expensive than I thought )): I am sorry for wasting your money again.

I hope will try hard to make them survive longer here (;

“Happy 17, Fish”. The celebration at night, it was just a simple one with a cheesy blueberry cake bought by Sis. The family didn’t really take much of the cake, as it was only my favourite instead of theirs. Anyway it was nice of them to have a surprise cake for me :D

Camwhore with the cake XD! I never leave the lil’ fedora from my head for the whole night :X The family had no present for me except for cash :D Cash is oh-so-practical all the time hahas.

I also received the longest typewritten e-mail here. It was aweeeeee-some! Mr. J, I didn’t know that I did made a difference in your life :P I know you spent quite some time to work on this and… Can I have the original piece of mail? The one before editing (:

One whole year had rolled by.
It was a year ago….
When I was so excited for a Genting trip on my birthday,
and so disappointed when the date was changed.
When I had three cakes celebrating the day.
When the bunny was exactly what I wanted.
When the lovely girls weren’t here for my day T_T
When everyone was cheerful without having to worry about SPM.

Everything changed this year.
I hadn’t have my wish come true yet.

I had more darlings being by my side, sharing pain and gain.
I had new clothes to wear, new accessories, new fishes accompanying me, new bunny ring for my lil’ bunny, new people celebrating for me.
And of course,
I had the bestest thing on Earth--- FRIENDS!

:D How many of your friends would actually spend so much time on you when exam is so near? Only 5 days away, OMG. I thought it was countable with our 10 fingers. But no. There’re always MORE

What else could I say than a sincere THANK YOU?
The blessings from God I’ve received, the best thing on Earth I’ve got.
The final thing I should say, “All of you are my hundred reasons to smile!”

Friday, November 13, 2009

:D The sweetness from the honey!

It had been a really long day. Or I should say, it was very long ago since I have such great day. A night before, I actually slept quite early because I didn’t expect any special message or call from anyone because I thought everyone would be busy. Plus, the day before the birthday was actually a very exhausting day of photoshooting. Everyone was so excited of the Graduation Day, while I was so anxious over the loss of my camera and cellie [Luckily I found it back after that!].

And today I went to school as usual, bringing nothing to school except camera and cell phone because we would be having the graduation rehearsal. I was so tired actually, although I slept a lot last night :X JM messaged me saying that “I also feel tired seeing you being so busy walking here and there”. Yeaps, lots of things to handle without Miss Liew around today. DaddyLoke told me that one robe had gone missing! MISSING. Can you imagine? A Science stream student stealing robe from the school? I recounted like… 3-4 times. But still the number varies all the time. But I am glad that I can get over this Grad thingy very soon :D

Then the first present I received was from DarlingSpell, BestieJM, Fungsoon, JustinT, Leon, Shin Mei, Kah Herng and Jian Hong. It was a polka-dot dress [No wonder Spell was so anxious whether I love polka dot or not], an eye cover, a Bunny ring, and a “finger” thingy.

The BUNNY ring :D

The YELLOW finger :XXX!!

It helps me to avoid light when I’m sleeping :D

Followed by a CUTE doggy from JiaYing and JustinL. Spell hearts this a lot!

Finally something happened :X The finger is ruined by Nicholson--- from a pointing hand, he broke one of the fingers. When we confronted him, he seemed like wanted to cry…so we forgave him :D After all, it is my big day. So don’t want to make sad moment to occur lerh.

I also received a hand-made card from BabyMina, it was so sweet! And a customized, hand-made FISH photo frame [ordered online] from Mina, Kangaroo, Socky and CeeKay.

This is the awesomenes from my darlings :D

My KFC gang presented me a lovely FISH handmade card too, and a puzzle photo frame :D

Picture 1

Picture 2

Then they finally chose Picture 2 to make the puzzle :D
But the result came out is…….

The color is a lil’ different. BUT THIS IS AN INDEED SPECIAL GIFT :D

Soon after the rehearsal of graduation, I went home safely, waiting for Mr.J to come because he told me that he wanted to pass me a birthday present. From 1pm, I waited till 3pm. I was like, “Why on Earth is he SOOOOO late?” I decided to camwhore a lil’ with the fedora and the new polka dress.

Finally I owned a fedora!! Just from Szu Wah and Sook Kuan.
Thanks so much :D And the polka-dot dress is from the guys.

Suddenly someone knocked my door,
I knew something was wrong because it was impossible for Mr. J to know where’s my house LOL.

And ta-daaaa! Surprise!!! :D

There were 14 of them to my house---

Keiyan, Vivian, Shinmei, Cheekuan, Mayyen, Sockkwan, Carolyn, Spell, Jiameng, Fungsoon, Leon, Lipkin, Khengyang, Soonyuen.

They came into my house, bringing a delicious cake, surprising me and Mummy. I was really shocked. :X Luckily I didn’t dress in polka and came out to answer the door = = The best thing was… everyone didn’t go home to change after school but they proceeded to Spell’s house to COOK!
Spaghetti Wheee~ My fave!

They even planned to get my Sis' phone number to tell my Mum not to cook lunch for me and wait for them for the spaghetti. LOL. Luckily they get the wrong number, or else... I don't know what would happen. At least the plan now went well :D and surprised me indeed!

The girls cooked while the guys played computers = =” I received a pair of teddy from Soonyuen, Kin, Yang and Jiaying. The darlings actually forced Mr. J to lie to me and passed me his present, it was a fake cake :D Cute! Kui Seong was supposed to tag along but he didn’t. Anyway his nice present was here :D A mini aquarium for me!!! I was like, “Wowwww?” I know everyone was super tired and starving after so many efforts being put in.

The present from Jenhoe, passed to Carolyn to me. HE lied to me for coming to my house when he didn’t!
But his present is pretty (: With the decorations at the side made by him.

The cute triangular cake from my loves! :D

The spaghetti cooked by my girls *muacks!*

Pose with Mama

Some of them have to leave early because they have other occasion after that. Meanwhile, Kin, Yang, Soon, Leon, Carol and Spell stayed at home till 5.30pm then only they proceeded to the night market for 2nd round LOL. We played lots of stuff, mainly of MSN :X Pranking people all the while. They’re so HIGH!!!

The cards I received. Two DIY-ed from my darlings. All about F-I-S-H!

And all my pressies! Including the mini aquarium (:

Finally I wanna present our lovely group photos

We photographed a lot in the library, mainly of group picture. And failed to take picture one by one :X

:D Thanks people so muchhhhhhh! I really don’t know what else to say except……

The presents, celebration and cards are so special this year. And I even received a super longgg email form Mr. J. Thank you my darlings!!! I appreciate everything you did, and may you be blessed for your kindness and loveliness always!

P/S: I wrote longer than my English essay in exams! :P

By: © Szehuiii

More pictures on Facebook

Thursday, November 12, 2009

:D We've graduated!

The graduation photoshooting.

The HUGE group photo :D

This is a lil’ blur. But we will be getting the original photograph from Jeff next week. So be patient, peeps! Thanks to the 4 teachers who are willing to come down for photographing session. Thanks Miss Liew for coordinating the whole event throughout the day!

The crowd.
Thanks one-hundred and thirty four Form5 students who support this idea of Graduation Day T___T.

DaddyLoke and I. We graduate together, hahas!

My baju kebaya is from Cik Mazlina :D
And Vivi’s from Amir :X !!!

Both look very similar right? x)

The girls whom I heart a LOT! [P/S: Picture with DarlingSpell is in Facebook]

More pictures uploaded on Facebook

The Pre-17th Birthday.

Look at my arm. Birthday wish hand-written by Vivi. Photographed by JoeyC.

And the Facebook wishes….

There are more to go but… I am lazy to post everything here.
DO view them in my Facebook profile
= =

And this.. Heart-broken T________________________T!

Please notice on which day did I receive this text message. And he even put the blame on Friendster birthday reminder for being wrong. Oh. How pathetic. Friendster sux anyway :X!

Hope the rehearsal goes well tomorrow :))


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