Saturday, May 30, 2009

05 29 09
P/S: HappybirthdayLOUISTEY!

Teacher's Day celebration was held yesterday.
Less than 30% of students came to school.
So I decided to post something here updating bout it (:

*Ikrar Guru, led by Mr. Loke =D

Look! His ever-smiling face again xD

*The most popular teacher award falls to Mr. Loke!
Thanks everyone for voting!

*Kadazan dance.
It it something different from the usual performance (:

*And taekwondo performance!
I chose this picture simply because...
Sakai and WeyMing are both funny xD!

Outing with girlfriends after school (:
Movie watched: Angels and Demons!

*Oppss this is the book.
To me, this book was real hard to be understood
[maklumlah my English standard is low =X]

However, the movie is interesting!
Related to Christianity and involving part of the history.
If you understand both elements,
you would probably enjoy the show,
or else you would fall asleep! Haha.

Pictures are with Carolyn and May Yen.
Waiting for them to upload it!
Please be patient hehes ><

[P/S: 7 days left```]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today’s topic: Mr. Loke :)
[P/S: HappybirthdayKHOOKWANYEW!]


I just reached home (:
Thanks to DaddyLoke and
my job can be done so efficiently!

After school today,
I didn’t do my duty in the library
[but I bet nobody cares huh? =X]
Instead, DaddyLoke fetched me to
DHL near Bandar Puteri, Puchong
to deliver a document overseas.

It costs RM42 to deliver it to Singapore,
BUT with their promise
that it would reach there safely tomorrow,
DaddyLoke paid the courier service charge for me.
Aww. How nice of him!
I told him that I have brought enough money,
But he just didn’t listen.

Before arriving to DHL branch,
We went around the enormous Bandar Puteri,
Searching for that particular courier company.
Going from one shop to another,
We managed to reach the place.
It took us more than half an hour going around like this,
I felt bad for wasting his petrol = =

What a wonderful papa he is ><
Dad will grumple and mumble
if I made him going a place he is not familiar with
just to deliver a parcel.

In conjuction with
the Teacher’s Day celebration tomorrow,
I have prepared something for him!
A very serious-looking, macho gift xD!

I learnt that Pilot pen is much cheaper than Parker one.
Parker: RM 250++, Pilot is only less than a hundred!
In fact, this is my most expensive gift ever to people haha.

The engraved name is the feature that makes this pen become
more meaningful and of higher sentimental value :)

*Thanks God for bestowing me such a great teacher!

P/S: 9 days left T_T

Sunday, May 24, 2009

=D Two weeks have finally flown by!
Munching the whole book,
memorizing every single word,
All these would finally come to an end,
Very soon!

It has been almost lifeless nowadays,
No entertainment. No game. No fun.
No plays. No dramas.
No almost everything!
Yesterday I was sad for the very moment I saw *it,
then continued being upset for the whole day.

The freaky connection
is driving me crazy.
I tried to online everyday
but every single time
the page would display,
Internet Explorer could not find server”.

I could go online SOMETIMES,
But the line would be cut off all in a sudden,
And every download would be stopped.
To restart the download,
I got to start it all over again.

For your information, I am still using the package of
RM 44 with 60-hours limit per month.
Yes yes, it seems terribly outdated.
Dad said that it would be changed soon,
Hope I don’t have to wait too long ):

I am sorry.
I wanted to post MORE pictures here,
but everything is ruined
when the connection is so terrible.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Papa + Mama
So it happened yesterday (:
Since I was so stuck up with Chemistry yesterday,
Dad postponed the celebration to tonight!

Happy 25th Anniversary

× Muahaha… It was 9 years ago ×

× The recent ones (: ×

× Were in Terengganu (: ×

× Heart you! ×

Saturday, May 16, 2009

=( Anyone knows
why on Earth
do I fall sick so often?

Dad forbids me from going for Malacca trip,
Because there are suspected cases there.
If you read the newspaper recently,
You will know what happened.

I couldn’t go without their permission right?
How? =(

Next schooling week…
Tougher exams are coming!


Biology might be a tough subject,
but it could be colorful too xD!
And I would die, as God knows =(
Perhaps 62 would be more than enough ><

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It was Mathematics paper today.
More often than not
I thought Maths is nothing tough
Compared to the other Science subjects.
But this time,
I found it difficult to avoid
Making a slip.

It was the very first time
That I have not enough time
For Maths paper.

When I was having my hand full,
Of course I don’t wish to be interfered.
You may ask answers from me,
I don’t mind but
There is always a limit.
Just don’t get on my nerves (:

Honestly I don’t want to let you down
I don’t hope such small matter
to ruin our strong-bonded friendship,
I am not saying that
You are having an edge over me.
I just want you to understand
that you should not depend on others too much.
Don’t just rest on your laurels (:

If in the previous exam
You ask the answer from A-to-Z
For ONE subject,
Now you indeed ask for TWO.
And sooner or later
I better hand in my paper
by the name of yours right?

Like what Mr. Murugan said,
“We have to be cruel in order to be kind”.
True enough.
I must not spoil you (:
Hope tomorrow it would be better.

No perfect answers for you.
But I will still try my best to help you :D

Ada yang bertanya mengapa sejak akhir-akhir ini saya melankolik? Mengapa letak gambar-gambar berunsur sedih? Kenapa mainkan lagu yang mendayu-dayu?

Jawab saya;

Tanah yang dulu kering, kini dibasahi dengan rahmatNya. Pohon-pohon akan 'ditidurkan' sementara dan kembali mewarnai bumi dengan kehijauan bila tiba masa yang dijanjikan. Dalam sisiran bayu dan air, kilauan sebaris warna-warna indah tiba-tiba menghiasi langit. Sesungguhnya Dialah pencipta seni yang maha agung. Bukankah kita sebagai hambaNya harus menghayati keindahan ini? Mengagungi Penciptanya? Mempelajari dan memahami maksud yang tersirat? Pelangi boleh mengkhayalkan dan khayalan itu hanya sementara. Datang rintik air, pelangi hilang didada langit. Istighfarlah akan kebesaran Allah yang maha mengetahui.

Saya melankolik lagi?

Kuhanya terasakan segalanya bertiup ke arahku
sekali lagi. Kurindu sebenarnya.
Rindu akan segala-galanya yang telah berlalu,

yang tidak mampu kukembalikan lagi.
KuinginNya mengembalikan detik-detik tersebut kepadaku.

Kuingin kau tahu,
---Dulu kuenggan, tetapi kini kurela.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An extremely short update here.
Coz' I gotta go out soon!

Happy Mother's Day!

Went for a meal yesterday's night
at Sushi King, The Mines.
Mum loves Japanese food just like me!

And met 8TV people there,
there were some not-so-popular artists there
[If you watch 8TV, you will know what happened xD].
Didn't bring along my camera...
So T_T no chance to take pictures of them!
Sigh ><
Hope everyone enjoys this special day with Mama, Grandma etc :D

*Let's start all over again with a smile (:

Saturday, May 9, 2009


*Thanks for all the blessings (:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Editorial Board’s
Teams photo session (:

Time: 12.30 to 3.15pm
Date: 8 May 2009, Friday [P/S: Happy Birthday Justin ]
Photographers: Yeewen, Hoejun, Waikit and I :)

I used an hour to edit all the photographs,
And credits to Kit’s DSLR xD!

Grab all you want!
To get the original photographs,
*Click HERE~♥

*The HUGE team! Let's work hand in hand :D

Graphic designers...

*Awww dangerous stunts =X

*Designers are all creative people :D

Haha! They were outside, and I am inside the cage!

Marketing department...

*Owhh yeng!

I love this--- under the huge leaves (:

OmG! Vivi looks SEXY again LOL
The Reporters...

Oh kewl :)

Wahh so hardworking! LOL
And US, photographers!

Pointing at.... ?

*Blend into the nature xD

*First silly shot =X

*Secone one, even sillier xD!!

*Third one! Looks... weird? LOL

:D Team rocks!

*Under the sky (:
The main thing here we want
is the sky actually xD

*Hot, glaring sun! Sweating! LOL

*Superb editors (:

OmG stern look!

*Edited ALOT! that's why it turns that

*The background looks REAL?

*Sweeties (:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hooray :D
Finally done everything!.
I am referring to the photography job (:
I used 1 month and 8 days to get everything done.
I understood that the afternoon session photographs
are MUCH more troublesome,
so thanks to the great helpers (:
P/S: Thanks for continue being in the team!

Many people have asked me bout
when to get the photographs.
Actually the photos are already developed, for morning session.
We already distributed some,
so hope you can receive your photographs soon!
Do look for your Pengerusi Kelab/Persatuan/Permainan
if you still cannot get the photos.

And... if there is any complaint
[eg: You didn't get your photo, or
the photographs are TOO bright]

do not hesitate to talk to me (:
I will 'chase' the photos for you! Haha!
:) Hopefully you can be patient!

Will be another hectic day.
Everything seems to be coming again,
The photos...
After distributing them,
we need to collect back the sample photo.
Hope it is not as tough as collecting money.
Gotta start praying to God from now T_T

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Not only in Sri Petaling,
But everywhere!

A night before,
Dad came home and parked the carat our flat car park area.
The next morning…
4.30am :
It was raining heavily at my housing area.
And some Malay guys aimed on his car,
Smashed the mirror.
Everything shattered.
Stole road tax.

According my neighbours,
Road tax is useful to be put on the vehicles
used for burglary, robbery etc.

*The seat is full of shattered pieces of mirror

Nothing in the car is missing,
Except the road tax.
It costs Dad RM210 to repair the broken mirror = =

*Look over the left side!

Dad made police report early in the morning,
Around 7.15am.
Guess what,
Our Pondok Polis Seri Petaling has not opened yet!
And Dad is already the second person who reported
bout the same type of case.
According to the policewoman,
there was another case same as Dad’s happened
at the Endah Ria Condo
[near the Friday night market road]
on the same day,
at almost the same time!

I felt unsafe staying at this area ):

Monday, May 4, 2009

Decided to go to this (:
It is on the same day as
the Talent Competition in school.
I don't know if
I can really make it
for this concert
coz' I would be back in the afternoon
from Malacca,
then gotta head to the stadium at night.
I guess it is exhausting!
And can I stand it?
P/S: My health is poor nowadays =X

She looks OLD =Xxxxxx!
Sis and I are going to watch
her concert!

RM 78 and RM 98 tickets are all sold out!
:( And Sis doesn't want anything more than RM100.


Friday, May 1, 2009





下个星期五报告就会出了。希望在这个星期里大家能为他和母亲祈祷。希望上天不会用痛苦惩罚他们。也希望大家别失去了才懂得珍惜 =]


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