Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia!

Things I love about Malaysia: The kawans I met here, and the FOOD! :D


My shopping day:

:D She drove me wherever I want. Hahas.

The busy road ; hard to find a parking space

I am here talking about my hobby again~ It was a few weeks ago when I last shopped and now I feel that I couldn’t resist spending money again. My usual shopping trip would be at Times Square, but this time Sis brought me to somewhere NEAR to Times Square. There are rows of shopping lots behind the Hang Tuah LRT station, if you notice :) And I found lots of my favourites there!

I found you, finally :D

Three ways of utilizing this --- as backpack, as sling bag and even as handbag. Its banana look caught my eyes actually. RM40 only for a multi-purpose leather-like bag; Do let me know where else on Earth could I get such a bargain.

Lots of choice available there ; how I’d wish to grab ALL!
Oh ya, and the more you buy, the cheaper rate you would get there.

This is for sales on Chics Garden

:) I saw the exact one at some shops there and the heart-shaped dice attracted me. It is expensive actually, so I only managed to keep an eye on it without making it my belonging :(

♥ Love is not a game. Never.

SPM is getting near!

for the SPM 2009 timetable!
[Best view in Adobe Reader]

:) Happy studying for the trial, starting from tomorrow.
I would have lesser updates in the upcoming weeks!
I must really keep my promise to my tutor

All the best in exam,
my loyal readers!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keiyan's birthday celebration:

Okay. Sorry that I am slow )): I knew everyone has already updated bout this… Okayyy, this post today… I shall describe everything about happiness only and eliminate all the sadness, or else everyone would be scolding me because a birthday celebration is meant to be H-A-P-P-Y right? So why am I putting a bitter face right? :X Okayyy smile smile smile~

One of the presents ; I chose this :X But… Sis told me that I bought it at too high price and Chin Thong bought something just exactly the same as the idea of mine with the girls! )):

Hope Kei Yan doesn’t mind!

Hakka Mee at Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park ; The breakfast with Keiyan, Shinmei, Spell, Fungsoon, Leon

After sleeping around 12 something the night before to wish her Happy Sweet 17, I woke up early in the morning at 7.30 a.m. I knew I was super late because we promised to meet at school at 8 a.m. sharp [or else Leon would kill me!]. Quickly dressed up, and luckily it was raining heavily so that I didn’t have to walk to school. And Leon came to fetch us door by door :D

Went home after lunch. Went shopping with Sis (: Gonna update about the outing with Sis next time! I promise.

5 p.m. : Kheng Yang came to my house to start his Ahmad job xD! Went to fetch Kin first because his house is the furthest one among us :X Then went to fetch Soon Yuen and we were the first car to reach Sri Petaling Community Hall. We gathered there, waiting for everyone to reach.

Last minute change in plan again:::

The original shop I wanted to go for the celebration was Wong Kok Char Chan Teng because I wanted to get Keiyan the famous GIGANTIC drinks. But finally changed our venue to Gaga Western Corner. Then changed to Capri Cuisine Café [I even called to book already!]. Finally :D We headed to OUG Star Village Café!

OMG now only I realize that I didn’t call to cancel the booking in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!!! T__________T I called there to book and asked them to arrange seats for us. They gonna blacklist my number LOL!!!

The list of people who came ((: just add in Spell, Fungsoon and Leon. Then minus Carol, Joey, Socks, Kien Bing, Kuan Haur, Boon Pin, Wei Hsiang, Kwan Yew and Ying Xing from the large group that attended the party

My cheese baked fillet

SKY~~ :D Bestie forEVER

The picture above shows the evidence of
JM doing something inappropriate in the cafe :X

The people and I (:

)): Too bad Leon has had to leave earlier...

Blur BUT I caught Kei Yan's evil laugh xD!!

After cutting the cake, she forced everyone to eat a bite of the cake using the SAME spoon. OMG H1N1 lerh :XXX

Our free dessert :D Ice-cream!

I went to Justinnl and took picture with him..because he seemed bored over there )):
Hope he, too, enjoyed that night!

Us ; After eating, everyone was busy doing other stuff like--- Playing Rubic Cube [Note the left bottom corner xD] , Taking pictures , Speaking vulgars xD and so on...

:D And I too! My camwhoring time! Hehes.
That fella scolded Vivian and I for touching their CDs and mics T_______T

Let me end the post with this xD.
End the emo-ness and start all the happiness :D

Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's Call It A Day

Just reached home from the breakfast and the shopping session with Sis. Am going out again in an hour time for the celebration.

♥ Would it be safe here if I say I am actually unhappy? Your words are too mean, best friend ):

It was Wednesday when I went to tuition classes alone again. I have always loved going there alone (: I love freedom, much better than having people around me.

Did I tell you guys that my Sis had just gone for Influenza A confirmatory test? Luckily the result is negative! Or else I would be “quarantined” or in a harsh way, locked in a separated room at home for a whole week!

Dad was on leave to get Sis to the clinic for that particular test, so Dad was idle for the whole day :D Weeeeee~ Oh I needed him to fetch me to the tuition centre that day earlier than usual. The class would start at 2.30pm but I told him I needed to reach there by 1pm :X

I had to meet up Jen Hoe there and then to have lunch with Louis after that. We tried asking Jen Hoe for so so so so so many times to join us for lunch, but he refused ): Bad! :X

I finally reached Popular Bookstore at 1.15p.m. [or few minutes more than that?] Sorry people for keeping you guys waiting! Oh I felt sorry for Danson, because he just came to accompany Jen Hoe but has had to wait for so long with him.

1.30pm ; Headed to Central Market with Louis. To be frank, after going for tuition classes at PTK for so many years, I have not been to The Kopitiam at Central Market for lunch before. Farah always wanted to go with me during recess time, but in just half an hour, we just couldn’t make it ):

The kampong-styled fried rice ; His.
It was super dry, and tasted really not good at all

Aww… I felt like I was talking there loudly :X Yea, that’s the noisy FiSh when I was in a good mood. Since it is both our first time paying a visit to this restaurant, he didn’t really blame me for the poor quality of food.

My lunch ; The blueberry toast

Oh and this… Bad reviews about this too :X Out of so many kopitiams I’ve visited, I still preferred the one at Sri Petaling. They always serve delicious food (:

Coffee powdered ice-cream

I always love dessert instead of drinks, unless I needed to quench my thirst badly. It looked beautiful, and sweet delicacies always make me feel happier :D

We went to different classes after the meal. And… Met Vivian at 3.40pm [interval time]. Oh she brought me these! I knew that he just bought this and passed the gifts to Vivian before she came to PTK.

The lovely teddy that looks happy, but… you would never know what it thinks in its heart.

Hahas. Vivian gave bad comments to him as usual, saying that I already had plenty of teddies at home and why on Earth did he still buy teddy bear for me.

To correct this statement, I should admit that yes, I have a lot of bearbear at home, BUT each and every one resembles different occasions at different times. I still have the first teddy from JustinQ for example. Then… lots lots lots more (:

And the bracelet ; straps are popular nowadays huh?

I’d love this, but I am afraid that it gets dirty when I wear it outside T______T. It should be kept in a proper place so that it really doesn’t get dirty. And I heart the little fish hanging at the buckle of the strap! (:

Vivian ; Chee Kuan ; I

Before going home from classes, we managed to take a photograph at Popular Bookstore with the animal plushies xD. Had a great day (: Hope to always see a smile on your face everyday~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happie Sweetttttttttt 17 to
Bestie Kum Kei Yan aka Kamkuii aka Rubber :D

.it was the most recent time I went out shopping with her.

Let me begin this with a short story (:

Form 1 (2005):

Laugh, laugh, laugh!
I know Spellman loves mentioning bout this photo SO MUCH.
Now I allow you to laugh out as loud as you want (:

We were all new in SMKBBSP and she came in with her primary school friends. Before I met her, I was pretty close to her friend, Zie Yie. She was the one introducing me to Kei Yan.

Soon the friendship grew and we started texting a lot. That’s when I switched from using 012 to being a DiGi user :)

Form 2 (2006):

Became besties :) We told each other almost everything--- bout the backstabbers [Remember how were we unhappy about them?], boyfriends, school… And we became probationary librarians together too.

Form 3 (2007):

Librarian annual dinner (:

Sat in 3G with her; we always chatted and laughed so loudly with Syazwan and Faiz until Pn. Aishah loved scolding us, “Ei anak dara mana boleh ketawa macam ni?”

We were labeled as KFC [KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui] and SKY [SzehuiKeiyanYanhui] because we were never separated wherever we go.

Form 4 (2008):

Entered Science stream together, being in the same class with new people (: There was once that she cried because of me. I was unaware that I didn’t reply her messages lately until she thought I did it on purpose :( Finally I apologized and sent her lots of comments in Friendster.

Form 5 (2009):

Genting : Our first overnight trip (:

We kissed recently ; it had been quite some time since our last kiss. Hahas. I remembered the previous one was during Chin Thong’s birthday party las tyear.

And nowadays I do hear rumours saying that we are not close like last time anymore. Flowers, I do believe will wilt sometimes but it will grow healthily if we put in our love and care.

The strong bond of friendship will not be easily broken
The five years (overall): Thanks for wiping my tears whenever I was down.

I love you, Kei Yan!

And this time is the fifth year we celebrate the birthday together.
Thanks Carolyn, Joeyc and Vivian for getting the pressies.
Thanks Kheng Yang and Lip Kin for going around in search of that restaurant.
Thanks Keith for providing the contact numbers of the restaurant.
Thanks KuiSeong, JiaMeng, Leon and Khengyang for the "service" :X

Kei Yan,
Hope you appreciate and enjoy this year :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

__________{{{ Edited. }}}

Am having crazy look today xD! = =
Okayy I just woke up. OR I should say I look like ghost as usual?

Oh I start to blog about my everyday life again = =” that is a real bad thing to be said since these few days were filled with a blend of feelings--- more on misery than happiness.

I would have my day happier IF and only if I can persuade myself to really start STUDYing since exam is soooooooo near and he has really put in some effort in making the timetable for me.

Question: Why am I still sitting around doing nothing again?
Answer: I have questions in my mind too, just like how you do :)

It was not an ordinary morning when I needed to switch off my cell last night and woke up with so many new messages once I turned it on again. Except for my birthday, I don’t usually receive that number of text messages in just one night.

It is obvious that something unhappy had happened, or else you wouldn’t text someone continuously right? If you’ve read his blog, perhaps you would understand more (:

The answer for that particular question?
It is undeniable that I am actually having too much with this.
I might as well be insane for doing both things at the same time.
I know both of you [You wouldn’t want me to mention YOUR name right?] love me so much.

But all I could say is,
I can always afford to lose two persons who are head over heels in love with me,
BUT I can’t afford to lose two precious good friends like you!

The text messages I understand, you both do care.
Co-existence is never be allowed in this case, so please do think twice before you act (:

Friendship is precious ;

Try to think of how we’ve met and built this strong bond.
Just in the name of love and you wanted to destroy it? No. Please.

The breakfast ; For the first time I did this. Over-cooked sausage =X!

Whatever happened in the morning ; let’s forget bout it!
I still have the appetite to eat no matter what… Hahas.

Oh I start to love blogging about FOOD already xD!
Vivian made a great influence in me :)

The night: 11.03 p.m.

It is late to me. I am probably sleeping already at this hour, everyone knows this.
I don't care if Mum scolds me again, because I am now reading his blog.

_.^*{ The Wind, The Leaf and The Tree }*^._

I thought of something--- a story I heard more than 2 years ago from Ah Bian, and it suddenly comes across my mind now. Perhaps I should share the story with everyone here someday (:

Finally... the three of us are unhappy...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday; Today is supposed to be considered as the very first day of holiday. No smsing in class, no camwhoring, no munching snacks with huns…and the list goes on…

Oh I am actually so desperate to school :0

Saucy Strawberry

7.40a.m. ; I woke up quite early today and reread a super LONG text message I received in the midnight yesterday. *yawn* I had nothing for breakfast in this morning and hence grabbed a strawberry drumstick from the fridge.

The collection ; Elianto

Elianto is one of the cheapest brands of cosmetics I have ever found. And today is my perfect day to try out with all sorts of colors! Oh yes. I am too bored and have nothing better to do.

My top 5 favourites!

But still I don’t dare to try out extreme, colours on my finger nails :(
Oh gross! Am afraid of my nails being the center of attention by everyone in tuition classes later.

My holiday timetable + Rules and regulations ; he created this.

Surprised? Shocked?
This is the very first time someone made me a study timetable and encouraged me to really
READ before exam (:
Stress is arising in me, I can feel that!
Having only 8 days from now to sit for the trial exam,
I am still in the midst of dream~
Doing nothing significant everyday,
Only smsing from day to night…
For example, yesterday =X
I sent 300+ sms in just one day!

Enough. How can I resist it?
T____________T The sky is falling.

Famine Hour with A-Mei at Bukit Jalil yesterday ; I missed it :((

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goodbye, Mr. T. Sivakumar!

:) At least he is smiling when taking pictures!

Mr. Siva is officially leaving the school he has joined since 8 years ago. Being a very strict discipline teacher of the school, he only meets parents and canes students everyday. And I can say that he can ONLY remember the names of those problematic students, while he calls me with just a word ‘You…’ =.=”

:D I love this effect! Thanks to DSLR
But..why is there a spanner-look thingy on a stationery stand?

We went into his oh-so-tidy room--- Sookkuan interviewed him and I took numerous shots of him, with Yeewen supervising us. Those she had in her hands are really good questions for making Mr. Siva reveal his private life =X

Oh and now that I know he obtained the award of
“Guru Disiplin Cemerlang” in Bangsar zone, year 2007!

Ahh… He is unhappy already
Because he can hear every single shot I took from the “Chi…Chiak” sound

“Dah puas ambik gambar ke belum?” He asked me in a very spontaneous tone, luckily! :) Actually being PK HEM, he revealed that he catches students mostly with inappropriate hairstyle and those who skip school occasionally. Oh I feel so bad! I now I am one of the girls with long fringes and skip school without a good reason :(

And now that he is going to continue his sojourn of life in a new workplace.

He mentioned that the did not want any celebration or ceremony for his depart but it was unavoidable :) Many people may be happy for not having to see Mr. Siva anymore after this one-week break.

Well, as for me, I will miss him :)

♥ 失去了,何时才能换回呢?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday ; The final day of school before the school break.

Dim sum !!!

Friday is supposed to be a school day. But since every teacher was telling us not to come today, I skipped school =X However, I still need to wake up early in the morning just to have this for breakfast with friends (:

was waiting for Turtle to come and fetch me while Yeewen rang me up and Ms. Liew texted me. Both were telling me to go to school at that moment because there were events going on in this very morning. *sigh* And I, on the other hand, was afraid to ffk Turtle again T_________T So had no choice, but told Keith to do the job on my behalf at that moment.

Oh ya, thanks Jia Meng for saving me that time!
He lent his camera to Ms. Liew so that she can take photographs of the event by herself there.

9 of us: Keiyan, Lipkin, Kuiseong, I, Vivian, Soonyuen, Kenmeng, Khengyang and Jiaying

A breakfast costs us RM83. Hahas, what a nice number. Not really expensive actually coz’ usually when I eat with family, it is already more than RM10 per head (:

Jeffrey ; One of the contestants ; Also a P.A. on-duty member

After the breakfast, it was already 10 o’clock = =” We spent really lots of time at that Dimsum Restaurant. Rushed to school, thanks for fetching me (: Changed my clothes to Editorial Tee so that nobody would scold me =X. Once reached school, I went to help DaddyLoke with his documentation thingy that I promised. And it was just in the nick of time that the singing competition started.

Awww... Sick ; But still singing (:
Good job, Zainul!

Sorry for the blurring hands =X!
Aliya invited Pn. Sawiyah onto the stage for a sing-along session,
and this is one part of the creativity. Hopefully this duet team can win (:

Sorry Chinthong coz' your face is blur too =X
They're all so spiritful (:

Good coordination. I love Meiii's cheongsam!
I bet this team would SURELY win (:
Yeaaaa I didn't know the results yet.

And 5F!
Their tee is cool, isn't it? :)
I focus on Jiameng and Leon when they went up to the stage,
coz' they are so near to the camera LOL!

I actually sat on that P.A. members bench for the whole session. And now that I realize it is tough to do this job. It is much tougher than I have ever imagined and my photography duty is much easier than this. How can you juggle the workload of both things at the same time? That’s why I choose to take photographs today instead of allowing you to do both.

They scolded you, I can tell that it is NOT entirely your fault. Being the head is not everything that teachers can put their blames on. And I do hope you can get over it soon

Smile is always the best remedy (:

♥ 你说过牵了手就算约定,但亲爱的那并不是爱情。


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