30 August, 2010

TGI Fridays Visit on a Saturday

Last Saturday, we went to TGIF at the Gardens, booked 19 places for the birthday celebration!

The first appetizer--- Fried Mac and Cheese

Irresistible, creamy cheeses and elbow noodles golden-fried to perfection.

My main course, Fish and Chips @ RM24.90.

Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chops
This is nice!

The birthday girl’s meal--- Tilapia Vera Cruz *NEW*

" Sautéed tilapia fish fillets simmered with tomatoes,
sweet & spicy peppers, capers and olives. Served with herb rice "

Rated Aaaaa-wesome!

American Chocolate from Cake Sense.

Rated so-so only.
If you really wanna get a cake from Cake Sense, do opt for Mango flavour :D

When she arrives…

The celebrated one.

This is the way TGIF personnels celebrate for your birthday---
Stand on the chair with the celebrated one, sing or dance ;D

See, they’re so happy!

Now… Photoshooting time ;D ;D!

FiSh and Spellman, my all time bestie!

The birthday girl’s boyfie (;

KFC Forever!

Lastly the group picha with the waiter, Ady ;D

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27 August, 2010

Silence from the fish

Hello readers,

Did you notice my disappearance for four days? Half a week of not blogwalking and replying tags made my blog's daily traffic drops drastically and the chatbox is now flooded .___.

My sole entertainment at the hostel is the laptop --- the internet! ;D
But everything vanished when it was spoilt on Tuesday );

Indeed, life without a computer is definitely not a life!
I bet you bloggers agree with this. I hardly survive last few days without it!

It shows
“Internal HDD HARD error!”
when I tried to turn it on.

Any idea on what’s that?
Dad said he would send it for repair,
Or the last alternative is: To buy a new one.

Now I can only online at home using my desktop,
And byebye to the blogwalking days in the hostel! ;O

Oh it is made in Malaysia by the way. No wonder!
Aww, I regretted for opening five windows with three tabs each everytime I go online =/

Please send me a laptop to my doorstep soon );

23 August, 2010

Malaysia Short Term Rentals Website

Looking for rooms when you're away from home?
Wanted to move out from home for a more comfy, convenient environment?

I think many people need short rentals badly nowadays, as you travel somewhere far to study, work, or maybe you are waiting for your new house to be fully furnished and renovated.

Here is the perfect place for you to look for short rentals!

Rooms, apartments, terraces, double-storeys;
Any type of houses you look for in the whole Malaysia are all available here.

Staying in hostels, like me would sometimes be inconvenient when you meet fussy, impolite and rude roommates. My friend met a roommate who turned on the music loudly at 3am, when she was sleeping soundly. How annoying, isn't it?

When you rent somewhere near to your campus or workplace, you have the freedom to choose who to stay with. Sharing a room with an up kept person would be credits to you.

Even HOMESTAY is available! ;D

Yes it is all about freedom when living outside!
Life would be easier then, isn't it?

No worries, short rentals would help you here.
I'm not sure about the rents charged, as it varies.
Hope you can browse through this website and
of course find your dreamhouse =P

Do click on it now ;D

This post is based on my own point of view and no plagiarism here.

20 August, 2010

Arigatou gozaimasu!

Mr. J is indeed my all-time best friend ;D

Thanks for the hot comments on my entry “You Don’t Read My Blog Anymore!”. Now I realized, around 10% of my readers actually read (not scan through) my blog posts.

Should I say, “Only 10%” or “Wow, that’s a great figure!” ?

Anyway, through the comments I found many bloggers feel the same as me. It makes my previous post sound like a ‘heart-to-heart’ talk!

Special thanks to
for their precious comments ;D

I know, I know. This blog is getting more and more commercialized.
I started off this blog with only 3 stars, rated by Nuffnang.
Without me realizing, it increases to 4 stars already ;D
BUT… one more bar is missing, anyone can tell me why?

I’ve only put on this blogger widget for less than two weeks,
and the feedback from all of you is really awesome! =)

Thanks those who are willing to reveal their Facebook account and be my blog’s followers too!

And this is impressive!
A million thanks to a thousand and twenty people here ;D

Do support FiSh’s Chateau always!

You can find all these “Follow Me” and “Like” at the sidebar!
Do click-click if you feel like =)

17 August, 2010

You Don't Read My Blog Anymore!

"Assignments are going to meet its due date tomorrow.
Things are still like a mess now, thanks to XXX..."

The old blogger FiSh would probably write this whenever she has a terrible day. But now as you can see, my blog posts are mostly of Nuffnang posts and photographs. Till now, I realize I have updated lesser and lesser about my life, the happenings in each day--- the oh-so-teehee days and also the crying, emo days.

Also, I have learnt to accept that my way of blogging now is very different from last time. If you're interested, you may always view my old posts in 2007 and 2008. I remembered how I actually blogged my real, everyday life when my close friends read and comment now and then. But now, I came to understand that none (or rarely, perhaps) of my close friends actually visits my blog anymore.

Maybe yes. One or two.
For example, my all-time loyal reader, Mr. J.
He used to drop by at this page frequently, and now it turns into 'occasionally'. Soon, I don't dare to imagine what would it be next.

So readers,
Have you read the paragraphs above or skip to here?

If you've really read it, I hope you're one of the nice people visiting my blog to actually learn more about my life, instead of doing the routine "blog walking", asking for nangs, or enquiring for ads clicks.

But anyway I would like to thank Nuffnang for giving me a chance to earn a little cash as a full time student. My earnings, till now, aren't as much as any of you, I bet. For your information, I don't reach RM1 earnings each day, but... Blogging is my hobby apart from photography. Therefore, I would continue this blog no matter what.

And I have only signed up in Nuffnang for less than half a year, and it is already putting some advertisements on my site ;D

Some is already a lot to me, be grateful, shouldn't you? ;)

Although until this very moment, I still don't understand why are buffered earnings, metered earnings and normal campaigns different from one another = =

Whether to see lights and brightness from the visitors anymore, it really depends on you and your attitude. To drop by and say hi only, or to read or at least view each post nicely, it is utterly your choice.

Thanks darling readers who actually read and commented in previous posts!
I heart you!

I hope the blogging days would be as bright as this in future.
Happy blogging, friends! And happy reading too!

15 August, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Resident Evil: Afterlife is finally coming with a 3D version ;D It will hit Malaysia’s screen on 10 September 2010. As usual, our kind Nuffnang would give out tickets for us to watch it 2 days earlier! *excited*

Let's go against the evil Umbrella Corporation!

If I were Alice in Resident Evil: Afterlife, I would not munch the “Eat Me” cake to become bigger in size and swallow the “Drink Me” potion to shrink again, like how Alice in the Wonderland does.

Nor I would not use my ability of seeing the future to fight like how Alice Cullen in Twilight does.

If the Umbrella Corporation is the only remaining organization on the planet,
fighting the umbrella corporation just becomes easy-pessy!

Facing the humanity extinction, Umbrella Corporation just continues their genetic experiments.

If I were Alice (of course not Claire!), I would destroy their laboratories, so-called undead, zombies, equipment, invention and everything in the Corporation! P/S: Can you see how fully equiped am I? Thanks to the T-Virus too, by the way!

How can the umbrella corporation produces more inventions
when their main resources and laboratories no longer exist?
*evil laughs*

Umbrella Corporation would then lose, and unable to clone Alice’s DNA as well!

The corporation would then be more fragile than cheese! LOL
And of course easily defeated, by me, Alice in Resident Evil! ;D

Anyway, good luck to Nuffnangers to win the tickets and even maybe the Sony 16GB Video Walkman worth RM 749! Do enjoy the special screening, and hope to meet you peepa there! ;D

12 August, 2010

Ding Dang ;D

Ding Dang’s music session was held at MMU Cyberjaya last week ;D

Do you know who is Ding Dang? I think she is not that famous in Malaysia yet, but for a typical Chinese-educated person, I bet you watch Autumn’s Concerto (下一站,幸福) and love her song ;D

She is Taiwanese artist, who came to Malaysia during Mayday (五月天)’s concert in last July.

And now she is here again to promote her latest album,
“Fu Good” (pronounced as Feel Good) @ RM43.90 ;D

Courtesy to MMU CLSC (Chinese Language Society Cyberjaya) for inviting her here to perform in front of the students.

The event is also sponsored by MyFM, while the host of the day is Jym 莊靖毅 ;D

Flowers from the fans! ;D

The Chit Chat session ;D
Everyone seemed high and happy at that moment.

She is the great dancer, after Jolin Tsai!
And from the chitchat session, we learned that she wanna become
Asian version of Lady Gaga! ;D

Heart her a lot when she sang 我愛他

Pretty eh? Although with her simple outfit.

We only paid 5 bucks to enjoy such awesome voice and sweet songs ;D
Very worthwhile right?

Lastly, present you a video of her on that dae ;D
Brought to you by Steven @ steventsh.com!

NANG if you love my pichas ;D

10 August, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

Romance and comedy is always my favourite ;D

Going the Distance is going to hit the big screen of Malaysia cinemas on 2 September! But Nuffnang always give us bloggers a chance to watch it earlier ;D And this time the screening falls on 1 Sept, which is one day earlier than others could watch it!

What am I willing to do for my other half?

I bet not only me, but everyone else in this world; If you really love your other half, you are willing to do anything and everything at anytime for him/her right? Especially girls I bet =P

As for me, the level of being ‘romantic’ is always there if and only if we’re into each other ;D

This was what I actually did for him last year when I was about to leave for National Service for 3 months. You may read the post here. Childish, you may call it whatever you want; But to me, it is a piece of sincere gift to allow the other half to remember me all the time whenever we’re apart.

Every single romantic thing can be done in the whole day ;D

A morning call,
A breakfast treat before going to college or workplace,
Put little love notes into his pocket or car,
Hit him an email with naughty phrases,

Cute lunch box,
Get him coffee or dessert as sweet surprise,
Call him from office and tell him I’m thinking about him,

Give gifts without any occasion,
Plan a surprise dinner,
Get along well with his friends,

Go for a long walk down the beach,
Give him a good massage,
Spray my perfume onto his pillow,
Kiss goodnight and sweet dreams!

The above are just some examples I could think of right now, and of course these may seem to be small things in life. However, every little thing done actually brings a huge meaning behind ;) People who really feel the love would certainly enjoy this! (I hope he does too)

And of course not every couple on Earth would be as happy as Justin Long and Drew Barrymore in the movie. But I do hope to have a Prince Charming to hold me wholeheartedly ;D

Yay for Nuffnang and Warner Bros Picture for this romantic movie ;D
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