30 January, 2011


Hello! Todae FiSh's going to bring you a tutorial in making BUNNY origami in conjunction with our Rabbit lunar year!

Materials you need: Pencil, scissors and colorful papers

Step 1: Fold a SQUARE piece of paper into half.

Step 2: Fold it into three parts

Step 3: Fold the right corner to meet the other left end.

You will get something like this :)

Step 4: Fold it into half.

Step 5: Draw this pattern on your origami.

Step 6: Cut the origami according to the line.

Step 7: After cutting it, open it up.

Hehes! Almost done, but not there yet.

Step 8: Draw the eyes on the rabbits.

Now... Meet my red bunnies ;D

Finally! DONE!

The blogger wishes you:

Happy trying with this Baby Bunny origami!
Good luck! :D

27 January, 2011

Heart-to-heart Talk

YAY! Finally my holidae is here!

My final exam is over. Finally! And the official trimester break has started and will last till 6th of February, meaning the 4th dae of Chinese New Year in lunar calendar.

It's approximately two weeks of holidae when I can go home from my hostel
and wave goodbye to the spicy food at MMU! :D

It's almost the end of January; I just don't realise that I've been busy with the event, final exam and the trip (Will update bout it soon!). The whole month of January is indeed exhausting to me too. Need a good rest now.

7 more days to Chinese New Year! Time really flies. Quickly.

And I went for this movie once I finished my final exam paper! XD Thanks alot to Astro for producing such a great masterpiece ;D This movie was indeed touching! Worth watching :)

“天天好天” 真的让我感动着笑~

WARNING: Long essay ahead, with password protected.

It had been so long since I last typed an encrypted page of texts here. I bet it's time for some personal writing, more like diary I guess :) You can always Facebook me if you want to have the password, I really don't mind sharing with you if you are interested in reading very lengthy words from me.

Here you go,
Hint: Babylove.

Dear readers, I hope you feel the love from me too :)

25 January, 2011

Dave's Deli @ One Utama

Location of the day: Dave's Deli @ 1Utama

Here's the address and contact number:

Dave’s Deli

Lot G213 Promenade
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Eshan

Tel: 03-77269490

Comment: Okay the ambience looks really not bad.

Cream Carbonara with Mushroom @ RM12.50

Comment: Doesn't look tempting and tastes okay only I guess =/

Mashed Potato :)

Fresh Foccacia with Turkey Ham @ RM12.50

It is basically a sandwich, the picture above only shows one out of four parts of it.
Big portion :)

But something about this franchise that drives me mad is:

Their poor service =.="

I reached there around 2pm, and wanted to order a plate of Fish And Chips.

"Not available."

Okay. Then I changed my order to a 1/4 Roast Chicken.

"Finish already la."

Ended up having sandwich for lunch :(((

I couldn't fake a smile to the waitress anyway ;x

And I absolutely need this to cool me down in that restaurant =/

I hope it really works if I ask for refund.

18 January, 2011

Sweetness in Pink

A big HELLO to everyone who is reading this;

The blogger is currently suffering from the final exam of Trimester 2 for her Foundation year.
However, sometimes she realised,

No matter how busy and stressful you're in each dae,
Just pick a few minutes to do something that will satisfy and delighting you
for the rest of the dae :)

And of course.
FiSh always chooses photography :)

Now meet my favourite blueberry cuppacake

It is easily available in any morning market @ RM2 only.
Just spare RM2 and you can make me happy for the rest of the dae.

Simple, isn't it? :)

I love the cheesiness in it :D

If you can't afford a birthdae cake for me, I won't mind you buying me this with a candle :)

Can you notice the on top of the cake? :)

Time to take a break, have a cupcake :)

....before I continue studying for this major exam.
Although I was already pawned by Computer Applications and Macroeconomics these two days =/

Wish me luck, huns!

14 January, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Thanks to Nuffnang that I managed to go for the premiere screening of The Social Network two months ago, when I first watched the trailer of The Green Hornet. That time I was already totally impressed about this new Jay Chou movie!

Green Hornet

Mission of the dae:

Let's stop the crime!

I always believe that...
To curb something, you need to have sufficient knowledge in it.

Therefore I will stop the crime by being a criminal myself!

I will start joining the bad hats,
creating havocs etc,
then being promoted to be the head of the criminals,
and finally use my power in the gang to STOP the crime!

Yes. If you think you can, you CAN!
I will certainly do it ;D

Be quick, write a post and grab a pair of tickets, Nuffnangers!
And of course, the best written blog post will also win a Sony Walkman worth RM 299!

Oh my. Days of watching Seth Rogen and Jay Chou fighting crime together are getting nearer!
I just can't wait ;D

10 January, 2011

14th CNYE Prosperity Banquet @ MMU


Event: 14th Chinese New Year Extravaganza Prosperity Banquet
Date: Friday, 2010 January 7
Time: 7:00pm - 11:30pm
Venue: Grand Hall, MMU Cyberjaya

Our entrance ticket. Thanks for these sponsors!

Our venue of the night, Grand Hall.
It is awesomely spacious, right? A very grand, formal dinner indeed.

Approximately 400 guests at the night :)

VVIP of the night: Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat (翁诗杰)

The opening ceremony.

--- Yee Sang ;D
Chinese New Year celebration wouldn’t be perfect without this dish

We had 8 dishes and one dessert for the banquet, but too bad I was the waitress for VIP tables for the night, so yeah didn’t manage to have any tempting food pictures for dear readers.

Special guest of the event: Malaysian artist, Yise Lo (罗忆诗)

Left: DJ from oneFM 一号奇兵 ; Right: Yise

She’s pretty like heaven when I had a close look at her! :D

Other performances include this: Wu Shu

Chinese drums, or i-dont-know-what-is-it-called.

Stunning girls of the night :)

Our handmade decoration. LOL.

Not to forget...

Our main decoration of the night:


It’s the Year of Rabbit, so we made a rabbit mascot from newspaper, glue and rattan.

The bunny; After the event, it was immediately being destroyed ;O

The size of this flower decoration is around 12 pieces of mahjong paper.
Spent nights on it by drawing, and smelling the stinking ink LOL :)

Thanks for coming, Blogger! @Henry Tan and FiSh.

Nice working together with these awesome people ;D
Status on one of the tiring days.
Had been sleeping around at least 3am each night to finish everything for this event.

Look at our fingers, 14 right?

Coz' It's our 14th Chinese New Year prosperity banquet :)

It's a really great event with more than 80 people working for it!

At the end of the event, we had great group shots ;D

Hehes. Observe the satisfaction on each of our faces :)

Formal picture of our logistic division.

Finally the event has come to an end. We’ve spent countless hours for the workshops and meetings to make this a successful event. And indeed it is. During these few months, I have learnt so much than I've ever expected.
  • Meeting various people
  • Spending endless nights together
  • Having birthdae celebrations
  • Dinners together
  • Mamak at midnight
  • Da-pao food late at night
There are so much more that we did together :)
And at last,

Thanks for the Memories!
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